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Now 30 hours after Rabies Shot,DRCC Booster shot...A concern...

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Now 7pm EST,yesterday at 2pm EST both my cats were given the same shots:

rabies feline purevax
DRCC booster

One(weighs more,4 years old)Cat has come around to normal,if more giddy acting behavior. The Other Cat,usally extremely active acting,(weighs less,2 years old) is about 50% herself,still drowsy.

Should i be concerned at all about the Cat that is NOT herself? Its saturday nite,an emergency vet appointment at this hour is $100 so i do not want to overreact or underreact either.

(ps they never go out,as i know how easy getting feline aids can be)
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The biggest concern would be any vomiting, not eating, and not drinking. Usually a vaccine reaction would be present within an hour or so of receiving the vaccines. If they were mine, I would keep an eye on them and look for any of the above. It may just be that the stress of the vet brought them down a little.
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the cat that is not herself is drowsy but IS drinking and showing an appetite to eat too.

as a matter of fact,this cat was extremely agitated (hissing and growling) at the vet,spent 3 nights there 1 year ago,then when she got home started growling at our other cat (who also shots and is also her mother). if there is such a thing as separation anxiety(-sp),this cat is a poster cat for it.

again the cat doing fine is 4 years and the cat of concern is 2 years old (mother and daughter).
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EVERY time your pet is vaccinated, your vet should provide you with a written handout of potential vaccination reactions to that vaccine and what reactions are normal, and which ones need medical attention. That way you are prepared.

I wouldn't run out to the emergency vet at this point, so long as they are eating ok, drinking etc. I know how nerve wracking it is, thankfully I am usually restrained from always rushing to the vet or he'd think I was really nuts. You've been reading a lot on vaccine reactions, right, so it's even harder not to worry. It seems to be pretty normal for pets to be a little off for a day or two. Just think, they just had the vaccines for 4 or 5 diseases all at once! I think little kids often don't feel well after vaccines either. The severe reactions happen within about an hour after. You should still call your vet as soon as you can to discuss the symptoms and also to prepare for next time.
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thanks everybody,she's rapidly becoming her normal self during the past hour...just started chasing me around the house,her normal habits when she's giddy.

the only note on the vet's letter is after 24 hours to call if not normal. it took 32ish hours.

thanks again
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