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I am a reptile..an actual REPTILE!

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My skin is so dry..my legs actually have SCALES on them I can't be bothered to moisturize after every shower because it takes so long! But now that I have scales, I might have to start

I am already always running late in the morning..I can't imagine having to slather up every shower!

What do ya'll do about dry skin?
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Slather up after your shower... that' the only thing I have found to work.
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Get yourself some buttercream soap! It's wonderful - it's very moisturizing in itself- so even if you don't have time for lotion afterwards, it will still keep your skin soft!
Lemslip is my favorite one

They have a huge line of lotions that are really good too! I REALLY love their Massage Bars though- i like them better than lotion -they're wonderful on dry skin! They feel just a pinch oily at first- but it dries almost instantly and leaves your skin soft all day long! The "Each Peach" one smells soooooo good! http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/c...ms&expand=Bath
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My legs only get dry now since i've used those hair removing mitts. I stopped using them months ago but ut's left my skin a little worse for the wear. It's not bad but after i've shaved and showered my legs they look a little powdery. I just apply a Roskin moisturiser for dry skin. It smells really good and doesn't sting.
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I just slap some lotion on after my shower real quick. I used to keep a bottle of lotion at my desk at work too. Do you generally wear pants at work? I could always lift them to my knees and get my shins and calves that way. That always seemed to be what got dry and itchy first. I have some body oil too.
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You must moisterize every time!!!!
I always have dry skin, and of course in wintertime it's ten times worse, but I always slather on the moisterizer, otherwise I'd be scaly too!
I agree with Nikki about the massage bars. They feel really nice, and they're quick to use.
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