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Boarding? Cat sitter? Not sure what is best

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Over this new year's holiday, my boyfriend and I are traveling, and we need to make sure Guy is taken care of, but we're conflicted on what would be best for him.

To make things more complicated, we are going to be moving to a new apartment sometime after the 20th. Our trip is the 30th through the 3rd. For a while, he was talking about having his friend come take care of him for those days, but I felt uncomfortable with someone who hasn't really cared for cats much. But he is incredibly uneasy about boarding him, which was my top choice.

So I've started looking into cat sitters, but it's more expensive and I don't know about picking one I trust. However...since we are moving, and everything is going to be chaos anyway, I'm not sure the rationale behind leaving him home applies anymore. Boyfriend wanted to leave him home because he'd be more comfortable, albeit lonely. But, at that point he probably won't be comfortable in the new place anyway, much less alone.

As for his needs, he's used to being fed canned food 3-4 times a day. I feel that this would be more easily accommodated in a boarding place. Or maybe he could just deal until we're home? Does anyone have any input?
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I use a cat sitter. We met with our cat sitter before we hired her. We did an informal interview and she gave us references to check out. See if they can give you references to call.
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hmmmm normally I would say at home is best, but your logic about moving is probably right. If you board him make sure you leave things that smell like home and like you with him to keep him happy. If you can find a sitter that isn't bad either though, check references like mentioned before, they will usually come once-twice a day, know animals and will stay and play with them etc. so he won't be THAT lonely. Even if he only gets fed once a day, atleast he is an only cat so if he eats everything that is left he is still getting his food. Considering the thought you are clearly putting into this you clearly love your boy and I'm sure he'll be fine! you aren't even gone that long!

Good luck!
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We went to Florida for a week in April. We asked at the vet if they could recommend a good boarding place in the area since we were fairly new to New Hampshire still. They recommend a lovely place about a half hour from where we lived. My boyfriend called, and told the lady we wanted to tour the place first to make sure we like it. We went the following week and absolutely loved it. It was like a kitty hotel of some sort. There were little cat cages that were big, like 3 levels. They could be housed together or seperately. And all the cats got time out of their cages. She would let the cats out at different times, with only cats of the same family, or ones she knew got along from long term boarding. She also had an enclosed porch which was cool, Namine liked that. At first, the cats were a little uneasy (but who wouldnt be in a new place) but when we came to pick them up, they didnt want to leave. Namine was having too much fun playing out of the cage, and Kairi was sleeping up in their cage.

I don't think I could ever trust a pet sitter alone in my house to take care of my cats. There's just something about letting a stranger have a key to my apartment where all my valuables are. But that's just how I am.
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I am a little weirded out by the idea of having someone in our apartment, but I also think I might be leaning toward the sitter. We've never both gone out of town at the same time in a situation where he couldn't come too. When it comes to a middle ground between our concerns, hiring someone might be the best compromise.

I think I will call some people and try to meet a few.
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