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Cold Water Vaporizer?

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Our 9-month-old has shown symptoms of a URI ever since we got her two months ago. She did have pretty severe symptoms (sneezing, lethargy, loss of appetite) for a few days when we first got her, but that passed quickly and ever since then she's been acting really healthy for the most part - great appetite, lots of energy, very social and playful, uses her litter box regularly - she just can't seem to shake some of the symptoms: runny eyes, occasional sneezing, and a stuffy nose.

We just got home from another re-exam at the vet, and he is clearly pretty frustrated because he can't figure out why she still has these lingering symptoms. Because she's acting so healthy and gaining weight at a good rate, he's not concerned with any kind of serious disease and is mostly just trying anything and everything he can think of to clear up these symptoms. We've had her on 3 different antibiotics, for the past week or so she's been taking azithromycin and he just told us to continue with that for now.

The other thing he said we should try is to get a cold water vaporizer and confine her to a room with the vaporizer as much as possible. Has anyone done this or know much about it?
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Has the vet checked for asthma ??? Herpes??? other allergies??
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We've asked about all of those - he's done a lot of work with her eyes and checks her mouth every time and says it's not consistent with herpes symptoms (we tried l-lysine for a while anyway and it didn't seem to help much), she has no breathing difficulties outside of just being a little stuffy to suggest asthma, and no skin irritation/itching or other reactions to suggest allergies.

This is actually the second vet we've seen about it - first one was very dismissive and seemed to think she was completely fine unless she had yellow or green goo coming out of her nose. This vet seems really good, although if the symptoms do continue through the holidays and he's still out of ideas, I'm sure we'll get a third opinion.

I'm kind of doubting the cold water vaporizer will do much, but they don't seem too pricey so it's worth a shot...apparently the vet was recently at a seminar about cats and this was something that was discussed that was new to him, which is why I'm curious if anyone else has heard about it.
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Did the vet do any bloodwork? CBC with diff?

It really sounds like allergies - and this has been a horrible fall for allergy sufferers. You can have allergies without skin involvement. I would ask about allergy meds.
Also look around the house for any possible triggers - cleaning products, plants, firewood, Christmas tree.....
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