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When someone arrives

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Do your cats run to the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell? Popsie does, he must be part dog. Yesterday he was on the couch with me watching TV and the bell rang on the program I was watching. He started staring upstairs like someone was at the door. He's actually ran to the door hearing a TV doorbell. It's hilarious.
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I always know when someone is coming, well before they get to the door. Not for the same reason as Popsie though. All 7 of the kitties here make a made dash for under the bed . Not quite the welcoming committee.
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Danny hides if he doesn't know who is knocking. He looks out the window when someone drives up, and runs if it is a stranger.
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Depends on whether the doorbell rings. If yes, then Much is under the bed immediately. Lucy runs around like she wants to hide but is curious enough to hang around the edges. Carly just sits there and watches the person. No doorbell means that Much and Lucy just watch really closely from the top of the stairs..

The only exception is Halloween where I think they get tired of their usual routine and just hang out with us.
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Both of mine are all over any visitors like a rash, they view visitors as new 'toys' to play with!
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Stumpy and Smudge both always rush to the door to greet visitors, whereas Lily hides.

Smudge then jumps on the back of the couch where she knows people have to walk by, and kneads and purrs until they pat her
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Nikita has a need to sniff the face of everyone that comes through the door. I usually pick her up when I open the door to make sure she doesn't dart out and the next thing she does is put her paws on the chest of the person to sniff their face.

Not everyone likes that though so I hold her back often.

She runs to the door long before anyone knocks when someone she knows is coming, I guess she can hear us walking up the stairs and recognizes the footsteps. Otherwise she hangs back a bit and waits for me to open the door.
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Usually when someone knocks, they both stop what they are doing and look at the both of us, and then when we go to open the door, they are right there checking them out.
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Aristotle heads away from the door (then may peek later to see who it is.) Topaz doesn't care.
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