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Attention seeking?

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My youngest kitten 8wks Loki constantly meows not only when it's feeding time but just generally whenever he's awake. when you pick him up though and we get what i call...Loki love...lol it stops. I never knew cats were like this. Mogget and Magrat don't do it. Is this common place for cats to need attention?

Also with him we can't eat our dinner in peace he's like the biggest scavenger i've seen. he hops onto the work top and if the dishes arn't in the dish washer he eats everything in sight!

Cheers for the help
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Awwww hes a baby ........ I have 5 cats and they all have different needs of attention. Kiko is little baby cat that doesnt seem to get enough attention.

When he was 8 weeks old, he was always meowing LOL. Now instead of always, its more like 1/2 of the day.

On the plus side, when I wake up the first one giving me head butts all over my face is Kiko
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Henny's like that... I just have to be firm with him about getting off the table until he gets offended by my resistence and sulks off...

The meowing... I just talk back.
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as far as keeping him off of your surfaces, there are a number of good solutions to this.... one is a product called Boundary. it comes in a pink spray can, and contains pheromones that deter the cat from whatever surface you spray it on. it does need to be reapplied every day or so, though, until he learns that it smells bad up there. another is a can of compressed air with a sensor head attached to it, called Ssscat. the sensor detects motion and releases a burst of compressed air, which, TRUST ME, will get the cat off the table or out of the sink VERY quickly lol.... you can just leave the can of air near the surface you want the cat to stay off of and it will (harmlessly) discipline the cat even when you're not home to catch him.
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
The meowing... I just talk back.
THIS lol

my sid has both siamese and siberian in him, and he is extremely vocal.... the other two have picked up the habit from him. we just look them right back in the eyes and mrowl back... they eventually get bored and walk away lol
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y'know i have tried meowing back that seems to freak him out for a second...then starts it all over again..lol. So I'll just put it down to being a typical male always after a nice comfy breast to sleep on...lol.

I'll try the pheremone spray too i better not pick up a female one...lol

cheers for the help.
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