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kitten eye problem

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Hi i would first like to say that i am taking the kitten to the vet this weekend. ok so my problem. a couple night ago i heard a cat fight outside and thought it was my cat fighting with my neighbors cat(really mean cat) well it was my neighbors cat but it was fighting with a little black kitten so i got the neighbors cat to go away and realized how little the kitten was a would say a few months old. i also noticed the left eye is completly blue and foggy i belive there is no vision what so ever and the right eye is crossed and starting to get foggy it looks like. so does anyone know what maybe it could be i have looked on the internet everywhere but i cant find anything. thanks so much for your help i will try to get a picture the kitten soon!!

also the right i that is crossed doesnt open very wide

and the eyes arent goopy or anything othere then her eyes she looks very healthy and clean

no has responded to the found signs so i may keep her

thanks again

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The eye problems could come from a number of issues, such as a bacterial or viral infection in the eye, or something as simple as lack of appropriate food. (Cats require certain nutrients like taurine for vision.) The vet should be able to help you get to the root of the problem. I would also add that I would keep the kitten separated from your resident cat until the kitten is given a clean bill of health. Congrats on the kitten!
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thanksvery much my other cat is an outdoor cat he doesnt like being in the house tried it and he always tries to get out. and thanks i happy we are keeping her well maybe him its hard to tell because it jet black so pretty i have been calling it Bagheera(from the jumgle book the blank panther) she reminds me so much of one because her feet are huge
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