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Bleeding Eye

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My cat Tiger has always had runny eyes. Last night I noticed blood coming out of one of them. Not a lot but enough to freak me out. He also threw up liquids this morning. He's not generally a puker. He was very, very vocal this morning too when I was getting ready for work and wanted in my lap the whole time. I checked on him at lunch and he seemed fine.

A little background. He's about 13 years old, has slight kidney failure, hyperthyroidism.

Any idea what could cause the blood?

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If the exudate is truly blood coming from the eye, I would get him to the vet ASAP!!!
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Vet ASAP. No second thoughts or waiting, Kidney failure + vomiting is very bad. Blood from may just be colored fluid, not really blood.
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Definitely vet ASAP
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My Clyde has a blocked tear duct, and the vet says the red-tinged liquid is cytokines, not blood.

But if he's not feeling well, at his age, he should probably be seen. Good luck!
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Cat tears are generally coloured a brownish tinge rather than clear due to porphyrine in the tears, this is normal, but with a senior cat with known health issues you shouldn't wait around to see a vet if anything has changed - tears becoming darker could be due to the body not breaking down protiens as efficiently, and the vomiting is of concern.

I'd want to consult a vet now rather than leaving it til later.
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Definitely call the vet. A kitty with those conditions is at risk for high blood pressure.
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Thanks for all the responses. I decided to take him today to the vet. I'm glad I did as he had lost 1 lb. since his last visit two months ago.

She said there was severe conjunctivitis in the eye and it was developing a corneal ulcer. I'm glad he didn't have a full blown one as I just went through that with my 14.5 year old poodle and it was very painful for her and harder to treat. Thankfully I just have to give him drops for this.

She thinks the vomiting has to do with the kidney problems. She checked his values and his kidney was up from 45 to 60 with 30 being high. Thyroid was up too but she said to discontinue the thyroid medicine because of the kidneys. I need to read more on this CRF.

Thanks again for the advice. I guess I was hesitant to take him to the vet yet again because of all the bills. It's rough having these senior pets with all these problems. It really breaks my heart because they are still my babies. The poodle has a plethora of problems that I have spent a crazy amount of money on this year. But I love them and think it's worth it.
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I'm so happy to hear you took him to the vet. I'm sending healing vibes and prayers that he'll get well soon and that your senior babies stay healthy.
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A great site for CRF issues is Did the vet recommend anything for the vomiting? You may want to ask whether an acid-reducing medicine like Pepcid might be appropriate.
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At the top of this forum is a CRF thread with lots of info... I am not a crf expert but dealt with it for over four yrs in Kandie so feel free to drop a line
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I'm in the middle of reading the great CRF sticky and have joined the yahoo group to peruse later. Thank God for the internet!

I give him meth.....something for his vomiting. She said that's the stuff for "kidney kitties".

I'm going to ask her about giving sub-q fluids at home. My husband gives me my allergy shots and was an army medic so I don't think it should be any problem with him giving Tiger his fluids. Sounds like it would be a lot cheaper for sure.
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I only pay 7$ per bag of subcutanious fluid for the kitties, its really easy to give... If your husband has experience they might watch him do it there and then send some home with you. It can be really helpfull in dealing with long term diseases! Good luck to your Furbaby!!
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oh, good luck, I hope your baby is ok...

My first thought was with high BP and hyperthyroidism kitty could've busted a blood vessel in the eye. The rest of the symptoms sound very troubling though.
for you and your fur family
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"My 8 month old kitten is squinting her right eye.I wipe it with warm water. I think it's a scratch because she plays with her brothers and it is kinda rough. Then all of a sudden when she work up and came to me and there was blood coming out of her eye. What can I do myself?
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Please, get her to your vet right away - if it's a serious scratch, it could be a scratched cornea which could fast lead to infection with cornea and retina....don't wait, get her seen immediately (eye problems should never ever go unaddressed) - sometimes scratches are only on the skin on the eyelids, but if you can't find that, then she could have a scratch directly on her cornea - best to let vet examine her!

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