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Sensitive to weather changes?

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The past couple of months have been a roller coaster weather wise. From warm to cold to warm to cold again. Just last week it was snowing, yesterday was raining and in the 30s and today it's nearly 70. I've noticed that every time the weather changes drastically like it has been, I feel really run down. Is anyone else really sensitive to changes in the weather?
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I find that when the weather changes really quickly I get headaches from the changes in air pressure. I do feel more tired and a little down when the weather is dull and dreary for to long as well.
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I have arthritis, so I definitely feel it.
Today isn't a good day here, even DH was feeling it in his elbow and shoulder. Luckily the relafen my doc switched me to seems to be working pretty well.

Strangely, I've noticed that some of the big storms (like last night's) set off bad headaches for me too. Maybe it's from my neck.
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Yes, weather changes make me feel run-down, but it's worse in the spring for some reason. I also tend to feel anxious in the spring. The only negative effect of cold weather is that it makes my ankle ache occasionally (I sprained it a while back).
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I think that I am sensitive to weather changes too.
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Right now it's 69degrees outside... tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 ish Sat. night it's supposed to be 25....the weather has been insane here lately- going up to the high 70's almost 80's some days then the next day it'll be below freezing/etc...it's insane! I can't get over my cold....most of my friends/family are sick at the moment as well. I'm hoping the weather evens out soon and the temperature stays the same for a while!
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Yeah the weather is nut's here to hot cold hot cold cold hot not doing my cold any good seem to have one full time lately figer it's just brought on buy the up and down weather
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My back is especially sensitive to weather changes, as well as my sinuses. It was almost 70 degrees today and the high tomorrow will be 51 - at midnight tonight! I took a lot of Aleve today.
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