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Vomit, Dandruff, and paranoid.

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First off! Yes, I'm taking my cat to the vet today. Okay, now thats out of the way. My cat Coal has been showing signs and symptoms and I'm paranoid hes got distemper or something. Hes only a year and a few months old. Had his shots, neutered, indoor, we have 3 other cats indoor (never once have been outdoor except to the vet) and they share multiple litter boxes.

So, Maybe someone has had the same experience so I'm hoping to calm my nerves.

- Vomiting half of what he eats or drinks 10-30 minutes after he eats. Sometimes a lot of fur is with it sometimes none. Sometimes it whole kernels of food sometimes its a mushy mess. Of couse I guess it depends on the time hes digested some of the food.
- Seems to have a lot of dandruff at his should and his rear quarters.
- Slight notice in weight loss.
- Seems tired maybe but always up game with the laser pen. Not sluggish.
- Doesn't whine with using the litterbox. His bowel movement are solid like normal.
- This last night he didnt eat but he surely wanted the tuna fish salad my wife made. He hasn't ate this morning. For the first time he puked up yellow yellow frothy fluids.
- Bought a bag of Purina Kit n Kaboodles and none of the cats would it eat. Coal would eat and puke it up. It kind of started around that. But since hes started puking I tossed it and got new food. Iams something or other in a yellow bag (i think). They all eat no issues now. But he is and is still puking.

Any ideas?
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likely he has a virus .. but he also may have food allergies ... tell us how the vet goes
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