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Eating Habit

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I have a question about one of my 2 cats' eating habits. My two jet black cats, who are not quite a year old, brother (Coalbe) & sister (Jetta) are great. In fact the behavior question I have is not really a problem but a curiousity factor.
About a month ago our little girl, Jetta, started "playing" with her food. By that I mean, when she goes to eat she will take either one or a few pieces of her Science Diet out of the dish, proceed to wack it around for a while and then finally will eat it.
The only thing I can think of is that it makes her feel as if she's hunting her food down, torturing it a bit, then has her meal. (Both of our cat's are strictly indoor kitties)
Does this sound crazy?
Has anyone else out there experienced this with their cat?
I would love to hear from someone out there. This is the first time I've actually used a "forum".
Thanks a lot,
Cheryl, Jetta & Coalbe
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This is really just typical play when it is done every so often. You can start adding some chicken broth to the dry food, and see if that stops it if you are that concerned about it. I have one kitty that take her dry kibble and drops it in the water bowl, splashes around after it and then is terribly amazed when it finally dissolves. She doesn't do it all the time, if she did she would be as skinny as a rail.
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When mine were younger they would have a grand old time playing chase with their kibble. It was too funny to watch. However, it wasn't so funny to find all of the kibble under the cabinets and under the stove after their food games! :laughing:

Don't worry about this behavior. They are just entertaining themselves!
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