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New adult female with resident male

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I rescued an adult female a couple of weeks ago. I read up on bonding and followed all the rules. New cat (Bella) is still sleeping in her "safe room", but is allowed out a couple of hours at night when we can supervise.

Resident male (Marley) is very interested and friendly. Bella is not very receptive. She was hissing a lot at first, but now just growls at him constantly. Marley rolls over on his back in front of Bella (submissive, I assume?).

Last night I put some catnip out, thinking it might loosen Bella up. Instead, Marley got "high" and just annoyed her more.

I realize that all cats are not compatible, but I'd love more than anything for them to be friends.

Any suggestions?
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Are you able to feed them near each other? One idea might be to give both kitties treats when they see each other to create positive associations. Another thought is wand play.
But with Bella going through such a major change in lifestyle (street cat to indoor cat with a male resident) I think that it may be awhile before friendship between your kitties is apparent.
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I fed them tuna from separate dishes last night. She growled between bites.

I'll just focus on getting her more comfortable in our home and not worry so much. It's been less than a week since their first meeting.

I need to learn patience!
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Bella was nicer to Marley last night. She saves all her hisses for the dog now, so that makes Marley feel better! He followed her around like a puppy last night and she only growled a little.
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Wonderful news! She's just telling the others to keep their distance, a bit of growling and hissing is to be expected really. As far as the food goes, if she's ever been hungry and had to compete for food, then she is likely to be protective of her bowl. If she's still having trouble adjusting in that area, then I'd feed her a little distance away from the others but within sight, so that she learns that she no longer has to compete or be aggressive to get her fair share. She will eventually learn that food is not the scarce resource it once was, and doesn't need to be guarded.
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Mom thinks I'm scared of Bella.
Last night I was snuggling on Mom's lap and Bella wanted a turn, so I ran off.
Mom held Bella for a while, then put her back in her room so I could get back in her lap.
I love snuggle time with Mom and she does, too, so she's making special time just for me and her. I like that a lot.

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haha I think you're doing great!!! My two have been together ALL their lives and still if one goes to the vet for awhile I have to 'reintroduce them'.....I mean really!! There is still the occasional growl, hiss and spit when they are annoyed with one another. Sounds like bella is coming along just fine!! atleast marley is receptive!! that's excellent!

They may never be 'cuddle buddies' but it sure sounds like they will learn to coexist in peace
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It sounds quite normal ... if you havent you may want to search on the site about intros and see about anything to help out
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