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Today's is my mom's birthday so, even though we're all getting together for dinner tonight, I just called her a bit ago to say Happy Birthday.

Mom told me when Dad got up this morning, a little later than she did, he said good morning to their cat, Lucy, and made a fuss over her. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later that he remembered to wish mom a Happy Birthday.

Mom got a good laugh about it. She said she knows now who's the most important girl Dad's life. (He better get Mom a really nice present, if he hasn't already!)
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Awwwwww I actually find that so sweet
Happy Birthday to your Mom!
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Lucy has become the other woman in your Dad's life.

Happy birthday to your Mom Eileen.
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday MomĀ“s Eileen!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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This sounds like Rosie with Gil?
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Thanks, guys!

I'll bet mom's glad the "other woman" in dad's life is a sweet, pretty kitty.
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At least it's not another man!! My cats always get Pat's attention before I do. He kisses all of them when he comes home at night before he gets around to greeting me...and mine are all boys!

(That's OK...he's the guy who once said he never wanted pets, so I'm glad we were able to reform him!)

And, yeah, he better make sure he's got a really nice'll probably take something sparkly.
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Something BIG and sparkly!!
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Eileen, that is too cute. You knew they were going to be wrapped around Lucy's paw didn't you!
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Oh man, sounds like my dad with one of the dogs!
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