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The evil bag monster. . . .

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I was about to go to bed last night when I heard rustling around in the living room so I decided to go see what was up. I saw Trinity reaching her head into a plastic bag that must have been left over from our grocery shopping. I knew exactly what was about to happen, but I couldn't get to her in time to prevent it. She went to pull her head out of the bag and of course, the handles got stuck around her head and she freaked out. She had to have done atleast four laps around the house before she finally bolted downstairs. I was in the hallway, on my hands and knees, trying to catch her each time she ran by but she was WAY too fast for me to get. Bentley and Mercury were standing by her when it first started and I think she scared them too because they took off around the house with her. After the first lap, Bentley ran into the kitchen, opened the cabinet under the sink, and climbed inside for safety. Mercury kept right on running around the house with her though. He was like "boy this is fun!!! What are we running for?" She got the bag off downstairs and it took us like twenty minutes to find her because she was so freaked out. I felt so bad for her, but it was really hard not to laugh at her after I made sure she was ok.
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Our kitties can get themselves into the most ridiculous situations.

Any bag with handles can be a potential hazard to our cats.

Trinity, leave evil bag monster alone.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Any bag with handles can be a potential hazard to our cats.

Trinity, leave evil bag monster alone.
I know, I am normally really good about putting all the bags away in the closet too but I think the princess might have pulled this one out of it's hiding place because the closet door was slightly open. It's amazing, I got them one of those crinkle bags because they all like the noise of the plastic. . . of course it gets ignored, but the second I walk in the door from a shopping trip, they are ready to attack my bags, even with the stuff still in them!
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Our cats can outsmart our best plans.
I see that Trinity is no exception to that rule.
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You gave me a good laugh! As long as kitty wasn't hurt. I bring paper shopping bags for the kittens especially to play in/with. I cut off the handles but forgot this time.. and one of my shelter babies got her leg caught in there! OMG the screaming and hissing and spitting!!! The more she tried to get away - there it was - rustling and following her! AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

She clawed and bit me as I tried to free her and then she took off and hid - growling at anyone that came near! I finally got her calmed down and purring, but it took a few minutes.

Needless to say - I removed the handles and she did not want to have ANYthing to do with the bags!
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Yes, Cindy discovered many years ago that bags lie in wait for unsuspecting kitties -- they loooooove to chase kitties!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Yes, Cindy discovered many years ago that bags lie in wait for unsuspecting kitties -- they loooooove to chase kitties!
Well said Fran.
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I feel your pain! Had that happen last week right before work, put a bag down for a second to finish getting ready before I cleaned the box and Seamus decided to sit and play with it, got startled by the sound and ran like a maniac until I could catch him and tear it off him.
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One time I had my bra hanging on the bedroom door handle and Posie came in the room while I was sleeping. He walked through one of the bra straps and it caught on his hips. He just stood there meowing untill mommy figured something was wrong and rescued him. He's gotten bag handles around his neck too but he doesn't seem to care.
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callie loves plastic bags, esp the yellow ones, so we cut the handles and let her play with it as long as we are around. cats are so crazy. OMG i have to share a story with y'all. To understand the story you have to realize that my brother in law is a HUGE HUGE cat lover and very soft hearted. He was staying here with us until they bought their first house a couple years ago. Well one evening he came in from work and noticed that someone had left the clothes in the dryer, and he HATES wrinkled clothes so he shut the dryer door and turned it on. Just as soon as he walked into the kitchen for a glass of tea he heard the most horrid cat cry and screams you could imagine! He said it took him by suprise so much that he was shocked, and couldnt figure out what was going on. Then it dawned on him. OMG Cupid had crawled in the dryer to sleep. He ran and jerked open the dryer and out tumbled poor cupid, hair standing on end. crying, growling and shaking. She was so angry and dizzy that she couldnt walk little alone run. Jase grabs her up and runs to the phone. He called my sister crying like a baby. He was so upset that all he could say was he killed the cat. When he finally calmed down enough he finally relayed the story to my sister, who told him to call the vet. Still forcefully holding cupid like a baby he calls our vet. Once he could talk and be understood the vet asked how long she had been inside the dryer and finding out that it was only about maybe 30 seconds told him to put her on the floor and see how she reacted. Turned out she was fine, Of course cupid was a bit undiginfied from her experiance but she kinda shook it off and ran into the other room, where she hid the next couple of days, but now you cant make that cat go near the dryer. Cats are sooo crazy, i guess thats where curiosity killed the cat came from. By the way, dont leave fishing nets out, we have had a couple of kitty cafe customers tangled in nets where we had to use a bite mit and cut them free. Its not a good experiance for either party.
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