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Kali And Sloan

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This is the first Christmas I won't be getting Christmas presents for my doggy"niece and nephew". Kali, the female rescued Greyhound with her long legs and "catlike" ways died in October of last year, and Sloan, the Shepherd Mix male who always had so much to say died in March of this year. Both of them died of cancer. Kali was doing fine with her cancer until she lost a leg then she seemed to lose her will to live. Sloan lived with his cancer for about five years and seemed to be doing very well. But I think old age caught up with him as well, he was about sixteen. I know they're both at RAINBOW BRIDGE right now, Kali racing around on all four legs and Sloan "talking" everyone's ears off!.RIP Furry Ones.
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Ohh Im sorry your beloved friends wont be with you this christmas! RIP Little puppies!
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Awwwwwww they'll be having a wonderful time at the bridge, and i bet they'll be looking down on you on christmas day as well
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I'm so sorry you lost your doggie friends. The first Christmas is hard. I'll be sending my best wishes and prayers.
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