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Jack needed a bath at 4 am!

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Last night, right after my husband got up to pee (and did not flush) I heard a splash and thought to myself oh great. I got up and saw Raven peaking into the toilet, so in my tired foggy state I gave her a bath in the sink, thinking, hmm she does not seem wet. Then I walked back to our room and felt a sopping wet mess by my feet- Jack. So I picked him up and gave him a bath in the sink. I towled him off when I was done and carried him (towel and all) back to bed with me, he is so little that I wanted to make sure that he stayed warm.
He just sat there for a little while, almost like he was thinking about everything that just happened. I told him I was sorry that he fell in the gross toilet and I was sorry that I had to give him a bath and of course my husband peeped up that he would never give him a bath and mommy was mean lol.
Anyway, then Jack groomed himself and to my huge surprise Raven came to find Jack to have him groom her face and she helped groom him. It was really cute.
So the kitties are both clean this morning. I always put the toilet seat lid down at night so this sort of thing cannot happen. Men!
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Ewwww, gross! I live in a house with four "men" (my husband and three boys) and none of them close the toilet seat. Sounds like something my hubby would do. Glad they are both nice and clean now. Poor Raven getting a bath when she didn't need one.
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swimming in the white pool Jack
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Oh, I've done that before with Loki! Only it was 6AM. And I always keep the lid closed, so it was unbelieveable! I had gotten up to use the bathroom and Loki decided to follow me in. I did my business, got up to closed the lid, and then Loki jump and landed in the toliet! Fortunately, he's bigger, so he didn't get covered, but he ran, so I also had to clean the floor before I went back to bed!

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Poor Raven! If that were my Tiny, he'd be SO mad I bathed the wrong cat...
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aww poor babies. And poor you at 4am!
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it was easier to train my hubby to shut the bathroom door than to put the lid down LOL!!! Although Mellow hates water he is facintated by the toilet and if anyone leaves the door open the toilet will start to get flushed (by mellow) I am not sure he realizes how he is doing it but he always does it if the door is left open!!
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when i was a kid (about 9) i had a kitty that learned to use the toidy by watching me. maybe thats what yours is trying to do.
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eww!! our new little guy almost fell in as I was flushing today. Lucky for him I was right there to catch him!!
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Oh no! Poor Jack! That's so sweet of Raven to help him dry!

My SO has PEED on Leya before! Leya really likes the sound of water and next thing I know, Blake yells "NO LEYA!!!!!" I say "Why the heck would you pee on her!!!" He said "It's not like I can just stop!" Needless to say I had to give Leya a bath I agree with you, MEN!
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Originally Posted by badninjakitties View Post
eww!! our new little guy almost fell in as I was flushing today. Lucky for him I was right there to catch him!!
That's great!
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