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Moonlight is good for you

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As seen on GMA this morning, basking in desert moonlight is supposed to be good for your health

Story: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=3954278

Video: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=3982335

Maybe cats have known this all along.
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Just as people take sunbaths, I have taken moon baths.
I assumed that the sense of relaxation I felt, while basking under a full moon, was mental but maybe...
there is more to it.
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I love basking in the moonlight! I'm a moon-person all the way.
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Oh, that sounds wonderful! But where I live, there's so much light pollution that you hardly notice moonlight. How I would love to get out away from the city and find true darkness some moonlit night...
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Moonlight is fantastic! We love going out in the moonlight & watching the stars
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I would love to try that out! I couldn't care less if it actually heals people or not, it feels good to stand out in the moonlight. (Plus you don't have to worry about sun burns and skin cancer compared to sun bathing!)
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We ride to the beach on the bike every full moon we can manage. I love it, and since I can't go in the sun for more than a very little while at the time without massive amounts of sunscreen, it is really the only time I can get in much of a ride any more.
I have always been somewhat of a lunatic, even as a small child, the moon would affect me. Once I got to be a teenager, I was like a caged animal after the sun went down. It is not so bad now that I am older.
We lived with some friends for awhile that had an outdoor shower. That was wonderful. You could step right out of a door from a storage room and onto a raised platfrom with a shower.
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After all these years, I still love the sound of Van Morrison's Moondance.
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Cool web site!!
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