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Saturday DT

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I think I may have caught something in the 'I have nothing interesting to say' thread last night.

I woke up with a headache, upset stomach and....I won't mention the rest. Anyhoo....I have been going back and forth from my bed to the bathroom once again. Will I ever shake whatever it is that has taken over my body???? This has been going on too long.

I'm not sure how often I'll be on, just wanted to make sure I was here for the little prayer moment at 12:02 in the 'Have you noticed' thread. I want to say a little prayer for Maya...and for Hissy for what she went through last year at that time.

Then, I will jump back into bed and sleep for as long as my stomach and bowels allow me to

Have a great day everyone.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed that I can't see grandpa once again.....he was admitted back at the hospital yesterday early morning but is back home. His lungs are very weak...(one more so than the other)
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That stomach problem is flying around Kentucky like crazy. Whole school systems are shut down because there are so many sick kids! I hope you get over it real soon!

Hubby and I are going to see the movie Chicago this afternoon and then will hook up with some friends for dinner tonight. Looking forward to getting out this weekend for a change.
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G - swig that Pepto-Bismol. Its good for what ails you.

We're just doing the usual weekend stuff: groceries, laundry and Bill is in a mood to vacuum.

Pearl and Ike are passed out, in the yard. The sun has been coming and going, the past couple of days. We got a light sprinkle, yesterday evening. That stretch of nice weather seems to have moved on. The past three nights, we've had to run the furnace, again.

Have a good weekend.
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Hello all!
The snow is melting, but we are supposed to be due for some tomorrow. Oh boy.
Ghys - get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!
Went downtown Asheville, which is like a melting pot, has all sorts of cultures there, I love it. Went and found some nag champa for some people who wanted it. And then off to the mall we went and I got the Core Program book. Not a bad price! Jake bought me some pants, but discovered they were too small for me, but I told him not to return them, they are a good motivator for me to lose weight! Its a blessing in disguise.
I am so tired, I had this weird dream last night that someone went psycho and shot me in the neck. Too scary. But its not the first time I have had dreams that I have been shot - its a recurring dream for me, every once in a while.
Kahu and Peedoodle are happy to see us come home, following us all around. Its so sweet!
Im going to go and kiss them!

Hugs to all!
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Somehow, and don't ask me how, I tore the connective tissue inside my mouth (the one that attaches your lip to your lower gum line?) Can we say OUCH- got no sleep last night at all and am waiting for the dentist to return from his fishing trip! I feel like I have a tennis ball stuffed in the side of my mouth, can't talk and can't eat. The pain is nauseating.

Mike said he thinks one of the kittens reached in and grabbed me with her claw in my sleep! LOL What a visual that is, but if that would be the case, then surely I would of woke up?

I tell you, I never even noticed that connective tissue before, but I sure notice not having it now!

It is sunny and nice outside and I am waiting for a cat condo delivery. A 6 foot tall condo- can't wait till it gets here!
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I have done that before, it was from eating corn chips. It hurts like a ..... - you can imagine the word!
I hope you get better soon - I doubt the cat would have reached in and cut it, but it does create a very interesting visual!
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Ghys: Sorry I sneezed on the thread.....

Vikki: Thanks for the dream interpretation site! It looks cool!
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i started to post earlier today, but i was in such a crabby mood, after i read my post, i decided not to submit it. i am feeling sort of better now. hubby and got into a pretty good row this morning and then he left for work. he'll be back in a few hours and i have watched to the kids all day. i'm ready to go out, but unfortunately i don't hang out with anyone who really goes out anymore. man, am i getting old?

MA - that is really awful! i never knew you could do that?! i hope they get you fixed up really soon.

kellye - what is asheville like? i would love to go to biltmore sometime. i've seen it on tv and studied in an architecture history class in college. i didn't realize you were close by.

vikki - i am going to check out that link. i have a dream that recurs every now and again. i'd love to know what it means!

g - hope you are feeling better soon!
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I finally crawled out of bed around 5:00pm feeling much better. Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts.

lotsocats - hope you had a great time at the movies (I haven't been to one in ages!!!)

Cindy: Pepto Bismol and gravol and Kaopectate seem to have become my beverages of choice lately

Kellye, keep those pants! I do the same and the feeling you get once you actualy can tie them up AND breathe properly is exhilerating!!!!!

MA - OMG---I thought things like that only happened to me! I can proudly say, that is one thing that hasn't! (knock on wood) I hope it heals fast.....

Vikki, I am going to check out the dream site once all my familt is tucked in bed and I can do so quietly. Thanks for the link. Can't wait to check it out.

Deb- don't apologize...I knew what I was getting into by hanging around!!!!

Oh Jan...I hate when my day starts off on my crabby foot. I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. Next time post and I will make sure I get you smiling before the day is done!!!!:tounge2:

Have a good night.

I have to go fold some laundry....YAY!.....
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Jan - Biltmore House is HUGE - a friend of mines father used to work there and after he retired, he got a lifetimes supply of free tickets to go there any time he wants and so we get to go there for free. I love it there, best time to go is springtime when they have the flowers in bloom in the garden. You cannot take photos inside the building, I dont know why.

This is the view from Biltmore off the balcony thingy, the view is amazing (not the view of me.

This is the side of the house, I am goofing off inside some kind of planter.

I love Asheville. Its a great town, such a mixture of different cultures and so much fun. Its neat.
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Kellye, those pictures of you are great! Nice to see your face
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Kellye - the pictures are great! i definately will have to visit there. isn't there another vanderbilt house in the area? i love watching america's castles. that family's legacy of estates amazes me. i don't think i would be comfortable living in a place so big or ornate, but i'd love to visit them all.
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I am so bored right now. I am in one of those restless moods that I cant sit still, while being on the computer, I have to get up and walk around, for no reason. My mum thinks I have ADHD or something like that. Who knows?
I just watched this creepy movie tonight called Session 9. Ugh. I didnt like it, it was about some men cleaning up asbestos in an old mental hospital and I dont think i will go into details, i will have nightmares!
I hope my face didnt crack your monitor Ghys!
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Jan, I dont think there is another house around here, just that one, most of them are in New York or something like that. I wouldnt be comfortable either, imagine all the housework!!!
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I hope my face didnt crack your monitor Ghys!
OMG Kellye! It would take a heck of a lot more than your pretty face to do that!

If you're bored....we're here for you right now! Let's chit-chat and keep you busy....

Ummmmm......what can we talk about?????????
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I was just looking at the pictures thread. Its interesting looking at all the photos of all the members! I love looking at photos!
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