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If I don't see you for a few days......

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We're supposed to get severe icy weather overnight. It started to rain about 6:30 this evening and it's turning everything into ice. The next wave is supposed to hit about 3AM, continue through noon tomorrow and they have predicted severe damage from the storm. They're expecting 3/4 of an inch of ice on everything.

The last bad ice storm that hit us was 2003 and we lost power for 5 days. We only had about 1/2 inch that storm. And we were on the lucky side - some people were out of power for weeks.

So if you don't see me for a while, I'll be stoking up the fireplace and trying to keep everyone warm. I hope we have enough propane for the grill (we're all electric). The only redeeming thing about being out of power from ice is that you can turn your fridge an ice box by putting large pots of ice into it.

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I heard this storm is very dangerous. I hope it doesn't hit your area too hard.
Stay safe and warm.
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Oh gosh, Amy, bundle up! I hope the outdoor kitties will be okay. Take care!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh gosh, Amy, bundle up! I hope the outdoor kitties will be okay. Take care!
I've got all cats but 1 inside the house. My heated water bowl broke the other day so we're out replacing the water every few hours. I made an additional shelter today and reinforced one of the existing shelters. It's not terrible cold (just below freezing) and the shelters are out of the rain.

I tried to buy a new heated bowl today but everyone is sold out of them. I have a it and a heated pad on order, should arrive in a few days, but it won't do me any good if we have no power.

I'm hoping the storm skips on by, but something tells me this is going to be a bad one. We're long overdue, and I've seen the pictures coming out of Oklahoma. Their mess is on its way here right now.

Just had a funny memory about the last storm. After 5 days of no showers (no hot water), I remembered that my vet's office had a shower in their bathroom. So I called them up and asked if we could go up and shower. They laughed and said that most of the staff were doing so, by all means come on up. It was late on a Saturday and they didn't have any patients. We showered, went home, and the power came back on 2 hours later. Tells you about the relationship with my vet - to go to his office to take a shower!
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I've been reading about that horrible storm and keeping track of it (partially b/c my son & family are in Wisconsin - where it might hit ). Plenty of peeps have already lost their power, and it may be quite some time before things are back to normal. My heart goes out to y'all..

Many vibes & blessings are being sent your way. I hope it won't be as serious as predicted..

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I'm in the Kansas City area. If you see us on the news and don't see me, you'll know why. Major damage is expected for Witchita, Kansas City, Omaha and all points in between.
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Oh, I hope you all stay safe and with power! Goodness, I kind of know what being without power for days is like from the hurricanes in FL, but I can't imagine it in the cold! Br! I hope your able to get your last kitty inside. Nothing more comfy than having all the kitties sleeping with you at night.
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Sending lots of Amy.
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Oh no! Stay safe and warm there! I'll be thinking of you guys and keeping you in my prayers!
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Stay safe! We have ice storm warnings here in Chicago too...I hope we don't get it...I don't have a wood burner!
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The power survived the night (yeah!), but as I sit here, we're having frequent brown outs (the lights dim then brigthen back up). So I suspect we won't make it through entirely unscathed. We didn't get as much ice here as other places and right now it is 32.2 degrees and raining. It's supposed to get below freezing this afternoon then the rain will turn to ice again. All this continues through tomorrow.

I'll try to get some pictures today. Right now without any sunshine its very monochromatic but still pretty. No big icicles, nor are any branches dipping to the ground as in other areas.

And cool, DH just called and said he is being sent home because of the storm. I'm already working from home today and I won't have to worry about him driving in it later when its back to ice.
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Oh my, it does sound nasty, I heard about it on the news this morning.
Stay safe!!
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Only lost power twice today and for very short periods of time. The ice is far less than predicted here. We had a break in that the weather stayed above freezing for most of the day so it rained rather than iced. So we just have to make it through tonight and we should be good.

OMG the critters were happy to have us both home during the middle of the week!
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Sending a few more vibes your way!
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I'm so glad you got by without the worst of it! Ice storms are the worst, I swear! I'd rather have a blizzard I think.
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Amy I am thinking of you guys and sending huge vibes your way
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Thanks for all the vibes folks. Once again, I think they worked. The storm is past us, the power is still on, and best of all, they cancelled my training class at work so I took today as a vacation day!

I took the dogs out for a walk this morning and the lawn is one big sheet of ice. They don't even want to walk on it and I can't blame them. Taking a poop was a huge challenge for them (imagine balancing for a poop while on ice!).

If I get really motivated today, I'll head back out and take some pictures. It really is pretty with the ice hanging from the trees. Just a little dangerous to go walking on it right now. It's not going to melt anytime soon - we're not supposed to get above freezing until the weekend.
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Oh thats good to hear all is well..... I would love to see pics when you get the chance.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Oh thats good to hear all is well..... I would love to see pics when you get the chance.
I posted them here:
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So glad your safe! And didnt lose power.....will send many to you guys!!
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