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HI! Our rescued stray had kittens about 5 wks ago. They are so wonderful, Mom and 3 kids. The white kittie who looks like mom had a horrible ear infection and lost fur around it. Vet is treating her for a fungal infection and said it could be yeast or ringorm. I will know Thurs. since he took a sample and is growing the fungus to see exactly what it is. Besides being totally disgusted and nervous of it spreading to my family.....Mom now is losing her hair between her ears and eyes. She has no sign of any infection, just itching and hair loss. I am applying cream from the vet and keeping the sites clean. My concern is my family and my other animals. Besides the kittens and Mom, I have another cat and a dog. They don't interact with the kittens but Mom does come upstairs at times. (The kittens and her are in the finished basement). Any input would help me, stories, advice, etc. THANKS!
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Ringworm can & will spread simply by spores getting on your clothes. Chances are if it is ringworm, everyone will get it. All you can do is clean, clean, clean & be diligent about washing hands, clothes, & watching the other pets for an outbreak.
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I had a cat with ringworm many years ago & it cleared up with lotion/cream from the vet. Luckily he only had it in one spot & it didn't spread. I always washed my hands well after treating it.
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