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Hi! I'm new! Here are pictures of my kitty, Salem:

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Welcome to TCS!

Your Salem is glorious - just beautiful!

You are pretty also!!!!
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Thank you!
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You have the most gorgeous hair! Wow!

I am partial to black cats and Salem is one good looking black cat.
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Welcome to the site! Salem is so gorgeous! So glad you found us here and I look forward to getting to know you and Salem on the board!
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Love the pictures!
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Hi Magickal Kitty, love the pics os Salem. I too lean towards the black cats. My 1st is Sassy, all black. Then I thought I would get JUST 1 more, and it should be white...low and behold, there's Oreo, she's white w/alot of black. Then kitty #3 is a smoke color, which ain't to darn far from black! But I finally broke tradishion(sp). Next Fri. I'll actually own a cream colored cat...TADA! I did it, now I can stop. kidding, I love them all. And welcome to the site, I don't voice to often, but I ask ALOT of questions, and there's always someone here that'll come to your rescue. Hope you enjoy it here.
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Welcome Magickal Kitty and Salem!

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