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Looking for a home for a stray kitty

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Hi all,

A coworker told me a sad story about a stray kitty in her neighborhood. The cat was left behind when a family moved. It's a small black kitty 4 paw declawed on its own in freezing Chicago weather.

I'm trying to do whatever I can to find this cat a home. I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. If anyone is interested in taking this kitty in, let me know.

It's killing me to think about this kitty.

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Good luck finding a home.
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Thanks for your work on behalf of kitty.

Please first TRAP or CATCH and bring INSIDE!

Isolate in a bathroom or small room or garage space or even
basement - from other pets in house.

Check the Humane Society, and all rescue groups in your area.

I am not in Chicago so I can't help with groups, but there MUST be some.

Anyone on TCS out there can help with referrals???

Try on Yahoo groups, there is a group support for feral care takers
they could possibly help.

If sheltering in house not possible, creat a tupperwear/rubbermaid
shelter (cheap and fast) using scraps of foam insulation, newspaper,
and hay or straw OR old blankets. Must be 2/3 inches of newspaper on the bottom, and some foam board, or bubble wrap (like the kind you use on hotwater heaters/pipes?)... then the blankets. Cut a hole in the side,
using a coffee can lid to help you size it. Put the cover on, put under
a card table covered with tarp. Put in your garage or back yard for kitty to use...

If you need advice or help - please keep asking here till someone in the area of Chicago can give you advice/help.

Bless you in advance for doing this. a 4 paw declaw is in ALOT of danger out there. This poor soul of a cat needs shelter and someone to look after him/her. to all who abandon animals...
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Welcome to TCS! Bless you for caring about that poor kitty . How sad for any children who might be in a family who would not only do a 4-paw declaw to a cat, but who would then abandon it to the elements
Out here in CA, I'm not able to help except to send lots & lots of TCS {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that you find another angel to help you safely rehome that poor cat
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Thank you for the responses.

I left a message with the person I adopted one of my cats from and she got a hold of me today. She was more than willing to take the cat in. She runs the adoption center out of Petsmart near me.

I told the good news to my coworker and we made plans for me to pickup the cat tonight from her home and bring her to the woman I know.

When my coworker tried to catch the cat, the cat got spooked, scratched her, and took off. Apparently, the cat isn't declawed after all. If my coworker can catch the cat, I'm going to bring her to the woman I know.

It's good to know this cat still has its claws but I can't imagine it out in this cold. I have 3 cats of my own and they use me as an electric blanket if I turn the thermostat too low. LOL
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Your coworker made a huge mistake. You should NEVER just rush up to a cat and pick it up. The cat will interpret this as an attack, and will defend itself accordingly.

It's always better to introduce yourself to the cat slowly. Offer the cat the back of your hand. This seems to be interpreted as a friendly greeting, because the cats I've encountered have always responded positively toward this gesture. It will either ignore you, or walk up to you cautiously, then sniff your hand. During this time, do not make any sudden moves, or you will drive the cat away. If it accepts your gesture, the cat will rub against your hand, and allow you to pet it. If it does, you should be able to pick it up safely, because it will know you mean it no harm.
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Good luck! I hope you can catch the poor kitty... I live in Chicago and I know how cold it has been here lately! I was tempted to offer to take your stray myself when I read your first post, but I can't because I already have a stray-feral kitten I am fostering.

Please let us know how it goes!
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