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VHS to DVDs???

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Has anyone ever transferred their VHS movies to DVD???
What do I need??? Is it worth doing or just re-purchase the movies on DVD??

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I haven't transferred any myself, but to answer your last question...it really depends on how many VHS tapes you have and how much of a movie freak you are - as in, how much do you care about having the best quality available? If you have a bunch of VHS tapes and just want to keep the movies but don't care if it's the best in picture and sound, then I would say go ahead and transfer before the tapes get too brittle and break.

They sell the dual VHS/DVD burners fairly cheap, which would give you the best transfer. DVD discs aren't too expensive either.
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What stores would carry them/brand names??? We don't have lots of VHS but the ones we have haven't been played very much at all so I would hate to get rid of them.
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Ooooo those are expensive, or at least last I checked they were around $200 for a good brand. I saw them at both Wal-Mart and Target. I would personally just buy them on DVD. They should be pretty inexpensive if they were on VHS at one point. My suggestion is to look online for them.
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I have that, but there is a limit of how many hours you can put on the dvd. I think for mine the limit of recording is 4 hours.

Basically you have to play the VHS movie until the end, while it's playing it will be recorded onto DVD. So if it's 4 hours of tape you must play that tape for the 4 hours until it's done.

I've got lots of 6 hour family footage on VHS, I dont know how I will get it all on dvd?
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Depends on several factors:

The cost of buying all new DVDs vs. the cost of buying the PCI card and software.

Also, how up to date is your computer? An old coworker of mine transferred his home movies from VHS to DVD and it took him 4 hours to burn an hour's worth of DVD time. That was only because the computer he was using was bought about 5 years ago. So it had 128 MB Ram, some low-end processor...maybe Celeron, etc.
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I got a Dazzle input device. It's about $90, give or take. Be sure to get the high-grade ((Platinum?) one; it has complete software.

Not to difficult to figure out. But it can only put about 130 minutes on a DVD.
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