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Roo lost weight?

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I'm not going to post the pics because of the bandwidth so I'll link them...

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I think Roo is slowly losing weight. I started feeding him once a day (rather than a constant feeder) for the past few months now and I think it's making a difference, what do you think? God I hope so.

Here's an old pic of him from last year

And here's a pic I took just now with my digital camera

I know he'll never lose his belly cause of the surgery he had when he was a baby (he can't do sit-ups to fix this, and I forget who it was that told me this sorry) but perhaps he can get smaller width-wise?
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It's hard to tell because the angles of the pics are so different, but I think he is losing some of that width.
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Yeah, it's hard to tell because of the angle. I am sure he's losing weight at the right pace. Keep up the good work
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Yea, I agree, its hard to tell because they are two different angles.
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I didn't have any old pics of Roo from above, but that was a pretty fat pic of him back then!
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I remember what he looked like before, too! He is such a beautiful cat! I think it is great that he is loing some weight! It is better for his health! Good job!
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Thanks Debby. What you all think of me means a great deal. I never thought a fat cat was all that bad, he was just cuddly, but now I know it will considerably shorten his life and cause horrible health problems.

Thanks to TCS I have learned a lot. Thanks Anne!
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