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Emergency I think My Cleo is in Labor

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Nice to meet all of you. I think my Cleo may be going into labor. She is acting strange. The kittens are moving all over the place and she is very figity. She is on my bed, she sleeps with me and I think that is where she chose to have our little ones. I am so excited but I do not know a thing about it.

Please help!!!!!as soon as possible. I love her so much

Love infinatelight
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Hello, I moved this to the proper forum for you. You will get more responses.
I will try and give you some info. All the ins and outs could take hours to post.
First, as much as you wont want too, you need to get her into a room and close the door. Make her a bed with a blanket you dont mind getting dirty. Make sure there are no folds in it as the kittens could get stuck in a fold. Mom needs to have her kittens where they are safe from say falling off of a bed.
Next, when she goes into labor you will notice she will have contractions just like people do. Just watch her and make sure she is okay. Kittens usually come out pretty fast and without complications. Then you just need to make sure mom breaks the sac and cleans the kittens face. Then once the kitten is cleaned, she should eat the placenta. Let her eat it. If she does not, then you need to remove and count them when she is all done. Make sure there is a placenta for every kitten. Also, she should chew the umbilical cord. If not done, you need to take a pair of steralized scissors and cut it. Then you will need to tie it off with a peice of thread. Make sure theres not any string hanging. If everything is going smoothly you will not need any of this info. She will probably take a little break and then the others will come. She should keep each kitten pretty close to her. Cats can take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours in between kittens. If there is anything you have a doubt about, you should call a vet. We can help you here but may not be able to reply in time. Please keep us posted and ask away!!!
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