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Still pooping on the floor!!!!

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A while back I posted about Asher, my 4 year old resident kitty, and how he started pooping on the floor. It's not that he's missing the litter box, he goes a good couple of feet and around the corner from it. I thought it might be that I switched his clumping clay litter to WBCL so I switched back to the clumping clay and he's still doing it. It's not that the box is too dirty because he does it even when it's clean. I think it's the fact that our newest kitty, Jack, who we brought into the home in August, is using Asher's litterbox. There are two litter boxes in the laundry room, but they both prefer to use the bigger one (which is technically Asher's litterbox). I don't know what to do. Everyday Asher does this once, sometimes twice. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem or what may be the cause? Thanks!
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Are you sure there isn't a medical reason - like even constipation for this behavior? If it is painful for kitty to go to the bathroom, they often associate this with the box and will stop using it. If his poop seems very dry, consider adding wet food to his diet if he doesn't have it already. Consider purchasing a drinking fountain for the water (like a DrinkWell fountain).

Also, the rule of thumb is that you should have one more litterbox than you have cats. I'd add a third litter box. And if they like the larger box - maybe even consider just replacing the smaller box with the larger one. Maybe Asher would use it if he felt more comfortable - and he only likes the larger one, but Jack already used it or something. There's no way to "assign" boxes to cats. Asher and Jake don't know that any litter box "belongs" to either one of them.

You can also consider purchasing an automatic litter box. We bought ours when we had money (wouldn't be able to afford it now) - but the Litter Robot is FABULOUS (but expensive). http://litter-robot.com/ . If you decide to add an automatic litter box, place it next to the one they're using for several weeks before you remove the non-automatic box.

Our cats sometimes attack each other coming out of the box - so placement of the boxes can be VERY important to kitty feeling comfortable using a box.

We have six cats and eight litter boxes (two of them are automatic) - and there is at least one litter box in every room of our house (except the two bathrooms, the powder room, and the kitchen).

The only time we've ever had a litter box problem is when there's a medical problem.

If you're worried about people seeing the boxes in places other than the laundry room, perhaps you should consider litter box furniture? Example: http://www.hidytidy.com/

Hope these ideas help,

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