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I need ideas! :)

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I asked my parents if I could have my great grandmothers aluminum Christmas tree and they said I could have it. I will probably be getting it tonight and putting it up. Question is, what's the best way to decorate them? lights with no ornaments, just ornaments and ribbon and no lights, or just ornaments? I doubt I could find a colorwheel anywhere and that's how my mom suggested decorating it (just ornaments, no lights, and the colorwheel). I don't think the tree is going to come with one anyway. If it had one it probably got thrown away a long, long time ago. It's about 4 feet tall so it's not real big and its not one of the tiny ones. I'm kind of weary of ornaments because I know my kitty will want to play with them like she does everything else she's not supposed to get into.
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I think lime green and burgandy colored stuff would look cool on it!! Perhaps like and ice blue too.
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you might be able to find a colorwheel - retro's really in right now! i just did a search, & found these 3 websites...
Aluminum Christmas Trees.net
Yuletide Expressions.com
Elements Decor.com

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Purples, turqouise, whites, dark blues etc all look really great with silver (assuming that is the original colour of your tree)

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ohhh I really like the lime green/burgandy idea. That sounds awesome!

Thanks for the websites too btw, I forgot that I could try and find one online I might have to get one for next year just to be super authentic!

After I posted this, I found a few websites that actually said not to ever, ever use lights on an aluminum tree because they can easily catch on fire. Guess that's why they invented the color wheel. So that makes my decorating a little easier. Guess it's going to be just ornaments for me!

Thanks everyone.

Sorry, I did forget to mention the color, but it is a silver tree
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It sounds really cool-post a picture when you have it all decorated.
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