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scratching wood

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I have never really had any problems with my cats scratching inappropriate things until here lately. Nemo has decided that he wants to scratch exposed wood lately which means my end tables are starting to get all marked up. I need to get him a good wood surface to scratch on but that is becoming a problem. At petsmart, the only cat furniture with exposed wood poles are the full size cat trees. They already have one of them and I am not really looking for another cat tree right now, just a scratcher for him.

Do any of you guys have a good idea of where I can get a wood cat scratcher? I might just end up having to make him one if I can't find one soon.
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petsmart had a few decent wood ones without $$
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Put sticky double sided tape on the table legs for a few days.

If you can find one, I suggest a rough log. Attach it to a piece of plywood for a base. Definately closer to what cats really prefer when given the choice.
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