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Can you help

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Can anyone tell me what kind of a cat this is? I know it isn't full blood but it does have some characteristics.
It has tufts on his feet, slick back, black strip with stripes. Long hair on the belly.

I hope the link works.
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Hmmm.... looks like a brown tabby to me.
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I agree, looks like a brown tabby.
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Yep! Best kind of cat! Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.

The official name would be "domestic shorthair"--a nonpedigreed cat with a medium build and short fur.
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Awwww he/she looks like my Ducky did a few years back. Do you know how old he/she is? Both of my cats Easy and Ducky didnt grow their long manes until they were 1.5 years old, at least.

Easy actually looked like she was a medium hair cat forever, but both are long haired cats.
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Pretty sure it is a brown tabby. Our vet labeled our cat carrier with a sticker - no joke. It says "Domestic medium hair brown tabby with white markings."
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Looks like my Tora, actually--brown tabby.
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Yes I'd say brown medium tabby. Blossom coat is longer & at the vets she's down as dsh cat.
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I agree! Tabby Kitty! Cute as a bug in a rug though!
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What a lovely, adorable kit!
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