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Blind & going deaf?

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The vet thinks Damita is going deaf.

She is already blind. IMO, she has some vision, but according to him, as far as he can tell, she's 100% blind.

I took her to a different vet today, the one in town. I've noticed that she isn't hearing well & wanted her vet checked ASAP. The good vet I can't get her in to until later in the week. Well, the not so smart vet in town is pretty sure she's loosing hearing, & from my experience with Twitch & Ophelia, I am inclined to agree. I just didn't want the vet to agree with me.

I do plan to have the smart vet check her out, but it'll be next week.

What do I do with a deaf & blind cat?

I won't cry for her, she's still so happy. She just doesn't wake up when I bang the food bowls together anymore, she doesn't come when I call. She still repsonds to snapping, but only if she's awake. Her hearing is very selective, which is why I am kind of . When she's asleep, she is dead to the world. I have to stomp to get her up or rub her vigorously(sp?). She never used to sleep so soundly(which also is a concern of mine). When she's awake, she sometimes doesn't respond to sounds, she's started "loosing" her crinkle balls. She used to be able to find them in a heartbeat, it is gettign increasingly hard for her to find them.

A part of me is just because I can't believe the things this cat has survived, and the fact that she still is enjoying life so much.

She's on Prednisone, could that have affected her hearing?

Or the "ringworm"(not sure it's even ringworm, will do the fungal culture at her next vet appt) on her ears, could that have something to do with her hearing?

We don't know why she's blind, so if she is going deaf, we could assume it's for the same reason she went blind & we don't know why. I'd really like to put some reasoning to Damita & why she's so "wrong". When she was put together, they must've crossed a few too many wires. (And I never for one instant regret the day I adopted her & Dorian, I'm proud to be her foster failure)

I just have never met a person who isn't stumped by Damita & why she's so backwards.
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Aww... poor Damita. Like Frankie and her litter box issue... perhaps it's just who she is. :shrug:
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pred can do alot of weird things but she is on a low dose???
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Hey, lots of blind and deaf cats do fine. You say she's happy, right? I mean, she can feel you pet her... she can taste her food... she can snuggle in the warmth of the sun. That's not an empty life.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
pred can do alot of weird things but she is on a low dose???
I've tried, at the vet's advice, to take her off the Pred a few times. Right now, she's on the highest dose & we are weaning her down to 1/2 pill every day again. I'm just going to have to face facts & keep her on it furr-ever.
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hey I have learned pred is not all bad... lol.. Gigi is on a very low dose daily likely furever or until I get the cushings med....
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Poor kitty. She'll still be able to use her sense of smell to find her way around. Keep things in the house in the same places she's used to so she doesn't bump into them. That's what you do with a blind dog, I guess its the same for cat.
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Oh Im so sorry! Im glad Damita still has some of the five sences though... If she's still happy you really cant be a "foster failure"!! She's still happy so you're still successfull! I hope you find out whats going on though, let me know k?
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