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Two cats got along... now I'm not so sure...

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So I posted weeks ago when I first introduced my new kitten (about 2 mo old female DSH) to resident cat (1.5 yrs female DSH), both spayed. After initial awkwardness, like, "who are YOU running around MY house?" they have been getting along just fine. Normal cat play-fighting, but nothing too violent, no hissing, growling.

Now I'm worried that things are deteriorating a little. My older cat (whom I've never heard hiss or growl since I've adopted her (about 11 months), has been hissing/growling at the kitten. Dory (kitten) tends to initiate play when Elliot (older) is sleeping, or chilling out. Elliot would play before, or swat her off if she didn't feel like it.

Dory I think was taken from her mother before the 8-week mark, but had been doing really well with Elliot showing her how to be a cat.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm considering keeping them in seperate rooms for a few days, but whenever Dory manages to lock herself in the bedroom by accident, Elliot never fails to meow and let us know she's in there. But can also act quite content to be getting all of the attention. Sending me mixed signals! Help!
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You may find that the older one is just letting the younger one know who's boss!

I have 3 female house cats and I had a similar situation when I introduced my second cat to the first and then again when I introduced the third.

They have been living happily together for over 7 years now until I had the younger 2 spayed a few weeks ago. I had to seperate them for a while as the 2 who were spayed started bullying the older one but now the fighting has stopped and the older one is starting to get her confidence back and they can be in the same room as her now without a fight starting or any hissing and growling going on
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I have three cats and sometimes one wants to play and another one doesnt, I have found what works for me is a little safe place, I have two Igloos on top of separate wardrobes, and when somebody wants peace they have a sleep in one of them, peeping down on the other ones, I often have hissing when some cat is snoozing and another one wants to play. Good luck I am sure they will work something out.
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I think it may just be that the little one always wants to be around Elliot! She follow her everywhere!

However, she recently started hanging out on the top of the cat tree for some alone time. I'm hoping this will give Elliot a little more breathing room, and get Dory somewhere she's not going to be hogging all the attention.
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I was going to suggest vertical space. Glad that's already an option.

Sounds to me like Elliott was very good with the newbie - but is now tired of all the "kitten-ness," and perhaps challenges to his alpha position.

I'd take both Elliott and Dory for alone play time. Playing alone with Dory will help diffuse some of that kitten energy. Playing alone with Elliott will help diffuse his angst, and help reassure him he's still top cat in your book.

I'd also take a rag or wash cloth, and rub Dory all over - do the same with another towel for Elliott. After your alone play time with Elliott, put treats down on the towel that smells like Dory for Elliott - and after your alone play time with Dory, put treats down for her on the towel that smells like Elliott. Take them to a separate room where you can close the door for the alone play time.

You may also want to consider purchasing Feliway - either the spray or the plug-ins. It helps calm everything down in a multicat household, especially during times like this. It is a synthetic hormone that mimics the friendly markers in cats' cheeks.

And if you ever decide to introduce a third kitty, separate the kitty for at least a few days, and do the introductions slowly and supervised.

Here's an article for your future reference: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/4...cing-Cats.html

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