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oddball kitten

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My sister works for a fastfood resturant, well she came home last week with another "bag" of kittens, and the reason i say bag is this. A couple months ago she was taking out the garbage and heard a noise in the dumpster. Upon further inspection she found three of the cuttest kittens tied in a garbage bag inside the dumpster. Someone had thrown them over a 8 foot wall into the dumpster below, over the wall is the only way to get to the dumpster without the keys. And this is how we now have Boo. now that you are up to date on the "bag" issue. Again last week she found another bag of kittens, same dumpster. Only this time two of the kittens were gone when she found them, two died that afternoon at the vets, and the last one is alive and well. My question is this, the kitten apears to be weaning age but its sooooo very small. I have never seen anything like her. Her head is way to big for her body and when she walks she topples over onto her head with her rear in the air. The vet seams to think she will grow into it and do well. But does anyone know of anything that might help? Maybe a quick way to put a little extra weight on to help? She looks like those "da dog" pictures you see where the animals head is huge and the boddy is tiny because of the way the pict was taken, well thats what Minni looks like!
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Hi, I've just sent a private message to someone who might be able to help as I remeber her finding a kitten that meets the desciption of your kitten. The kitten is doing very well now and has 'grown into her body'

Tis person is not on-line at the moment but I'm sure she will be soon.
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ok, thank you!
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I recently saw a 7 week old kitten that was no bigger than my hand. He was running around and using the litter tray and things, so it was quite strange to see. The kitten was the runt of the litter, probably premature. It was malnourished.

I think you should feed the kitten KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) Instead of weaning it onto dry food. It needs all the nourishment it can get.
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Originally Posted by blondrebel76 View Post
ok, thank you!
hi, she sent the PM to me. i have a 7-8 month old kitten that i found when she was about 4 weeks old. here're some links: Firefox pix
anyway, i fed her kitten milk [from PetCo]. i mixed it with her wet food [also put in meat baby food] plus i gave it to her to drink, along with water. here's what she looks like now: all grown up!
she had ringworm, a bacterial skin infection, plus infected eyes. she is currently my most expensive cat! here's the thread about finding her, etc: new baby!
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we have been using soft canned food, which seams to not agree with her, she was trying to eat dry but doesnt seam to quite be able to handle that yet.
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oh, BTW, here's a link to the kitten milk i used: Just Born. i got the already liquid kind - the powder is hard to mix - it doesn't dissolve real smoothly.
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In what way does it not agree with her? Is it runny stools?

Wet food contains alot of water, so that is to be expected if the cat isn't used to it. Try soaking some biscuits in some cat milk and get her to eat them that way.
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