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Kitten food

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So I just got a new kitten, Tsekani. He is 5 months old. He was getting Felidae back at his home, but I haven't found that brand here where I live. I have started him on Nutro Natural Choice kitten formula canned food, and Royal Canin Kitten 34 kibbles. He seems to really like both foods, and has had no stomach upset that I have seen so far. I am actually surprised at how much he will eat, actually. He's very slight.

I have been putting out both types of food at once, and he doesn't eat it all at once, but within an hour all of the food is gone. I put down about 1/2 small can of wet, and a 1/4 cup dry.

So far I have been feeding him in a different room from my adult cat, but eventually I will have to feed them together. My adult cat gets Royal Canin hairball formula dry, and Natural Choice adult canned food. He doesn't like canned food however, so eats more of the dry than the canned. I have tried a variety of different canned foods, and the Natural Choice is the one he likes best. I was one of those people who thought that cats did best on dry food, before I found this site, and Sohni has been given good quality dry for a year. He is healthy and his coat is shiny, so I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. He is getting better about eating his wet food, however, and I am not throwing out as much wet leftovers after each meal.
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is he about five lbs???

if so up the dry a touch and the canned .... Glad he is eating both
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He is 5 months old, but I'd be surprised if he were 5lbs. He is smaller than my chihuahua, who is 6 lbs. I just got him yesterday and haven't had him to a vet yet. I would think he's maybe 3 lbs. He is very slight in build, and his little hip bones are prominent. He is extremely active however, so I think I need to keep him full of calories.
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yeah try giving him 1/2 cup of dry and up the wet by a couple ounzes
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Tsekani's breeder says that it is of course up to me what I feed, but she doesn't really like Royal Canin. She feeds Felidae, but that is not available to me. I went by the holistic pet food store today and picked up a few cans of Wellness and EVO cat food. I will try them to see what he likes. The Wellness I can buy in cases from a local store.

Sohni doesn't like wet food, he likes to have Royal Canin hairball kibble available, although I always give him wet food when I feed the kitten. I am hoping that he will decide that soft food is OK.
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RC is not a fave of mine but it is a true premium so

Wellness CORE I like and many of the wets are grain free
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