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What's your favorite part?

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Of your cat that is. I know that I have different things that are my "favorite" things about all four of mine.

Bentley- His bent tail of course. It is the reason for his name, but also something that makes him unique.
Trinity- Her tummy! There is just something about a cat's tummy isn't there? Also, her "eyeglasses". She has a line going back from each of her eyes to her ears that makes it look like she is wearing glasses.
Merucy- His one white spot on his chest, the rest of him is all blue.
Nemo- His beautiful odd eyes and his fluffy tail!

What are your favorite parts of your cats? I am really just talking physically here, I could go on forever about my favorite of their personality traits!
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Darcy is just too cute - I love her face because it isn't really shaped like any other kitty face that I have ever seen. Her expressions are so serious and mischevious.

Marcie is such a queen, but when she rolls over and asks for a belly rub, she just has the prettiest belly.
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Ears and paws, on all of them. Especially Woodwards ears which are so huge!
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Gosh, I can't pick!

If forced I think I'd say Nikita's expressions. She has a really expressive face and I love that (among a lot of other things) about her. It's also a part of what makes her so photogenic.
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What I love about Seamus physically is his perfectly symmetrical tuxedo markings. His nose is a perfect white stripe with his white shirt and belly and his white paws with his unique markings of black on the white back of his legs. Honestly, never have seen a black and white quite as cute as him, but I guess I'm a little biased
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My kitty's toe fur - Astrid is at least 1/2 Maine Coon, and she has the most darling toe fur sticking out on her paws. She is a plain grey/brown tabby, but her belly and toe fur is light blonde and it is too cute watching her walk on her dainty little paws with the fur. She also has very fluffy "breeches" or "pants" on her back legs - and her legs under them are black- she looks like she is wearing naughty black stockings!

And I have to admit there is something special about kitty bellies - and I just adore hers. It is such a treat when she actually lets me pet it.
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Chip's purr, Firefox's bent tail, Java's sweet nature, Cable's silky fur, & Pixel's white stripe!
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Sliver: Love the white sliver mark down her eye, it makes her unique.
Snowball: His beautiful light blue eyes, his creamy coloring, & his twitchy tail.
Sage: His striped markings are gorgeous & he has a cute colored nose.
Sushie: Her torti coloring & the orange markings on her face.
Spooky: Her big owl eyes & her cute little black goatee on her chin.
Spici: Her striped markings are so pretty & she has big curious eyes.
Shilo: Her white paws & the white tip on her tail, her black nose too.
Sadee: Her different colored face, one sides orange, & the other is black.
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I love Lucky's tail, a Paws well his name says it all
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Pearl-her perfect, snowy white fur
Scooter-if you lay him on his back, he looks like he is wearing a little white bikini
Pepper-she has the cutest chubby toes
Fluffy-her "fluffies" (tail.toes,ears,ruff) are so pretty,
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I like Nimbus' belly. It's all spotted (unlike the rest of his body) and kinda reminds me of those ink blots that psychiatrists show people.

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Baby Girl has a tiny, petite face. I think it's the reason her original owners named her Baby Girl.

Tiny's a long, slender cat--just perfectly formed, the quintessential cat. So I guess, all of Tiny.
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My favorite parts of Niko are his ears.. I /love/ big ol' ears. *giggles* I hope he never grows into 'em. Oh! And his eyes- he's got the loveliest "eyeliner", but shh.. don't let him know he's got makeup on.
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Kitty- Her beautiful blue eyes that sparkle!

So Beautiful! lol
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We have two black and white cats. They both have certain spots on their fur that are just so cute. I love on Sox's face she has this little black spot on her chin when the rest of that part of her face is white and she has a small black spot on her cute little pink nose! I love Wesley's face and his tummy! And I also just love their paws! They both have white paws that are just too cute! I guess they both have a lot of cuteness about them!
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Quill's fur!!! It's so soft, like super thick rabbit fur. It's just so thick and long and soft ....
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I love the spot on their noses where it starts to angle, right between the eyes. I love to ruffle the fur there, cuz it's real short. That's where I give them their kisses. Maggie's tail is so big and fluffy. Cleo has the cutest little 'butterscotch kiss' beside her nose. Lola has little tufts of fur between her toes that are fun to play with (but she doesn't think so!)
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