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Temperature to conserve heat but not freeze kitties??

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What would be the lowest that you would set the thermostat for while you're at work or at night? I've been reading different articles about conserving heat and they all suggest 55-60 at night and while we're gone. That seems too cold for the cats. We've got plenty of blankets and beds for them to snuggle up on but I don't want them to be uncomfortable. Right now we have it set at 65 when we're not there/night and 68 when we're home. If 55-60 isn't too cold, is it going to make them sick to have such a large fluctuation in temperature? TIA!
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I have a cat flap entry to our unheated sun porch. It stays above freezing, but not by much in there. And the cats go in there all day long, even with the option to stay in the heated portion of the house.

I don't think that 55-60 is too cold for cats. Mine choose colder places.
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Our basement stays right around 57-60 degrees and everyone is just fine with it.
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I keep my house at about 60-63 while I'm at work and when I'm sleeping. Cats have built in blankets... their fur coats! And are good at curling up in a corner or on a bed to stay warm.
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Mine is turned down to 57 also when I am not home and they are fine. I have it at 70 in the mornings / night and they sit by the open window in the kitty litter room and it is below 25 outside most times that they do it
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How cold does it get outside for outdoor cats during the spring & fall in most parts of the US? Definitely around 45-55F. If a cat's cold, it'll curl up & sleep.

My cats still prefer sleeping on us if we're sitting still, or in blankets, but when they do they stretch out -- because they're hot!
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We turn ours down to about 60 at night and during the day. Bijou paws the top quilt down on our bed, crawls under and naps there during the day. Mika lays on the TV satellite converter (it's nice and warm ) At night Bijou sleeps with me with his head on my pillow and covered to his neck facing me. Sometimes he'll get up in the night and wander off somewhere for about 5 minutes then he comes back and cuddles back in with me. Mika sleeps with our daughter. My guess is they prefer to be warm but they manage with fewer degrees.
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I can't help you, but I wanted to say that it's very funny reading your posts being that I live in Miami. Where our cold front brings 70 degree weather. Sad, I know. 55 would freeze ME!!!
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We keep our place at 68*-70*. Below 68* I freeze.
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Our house is usually between 55 and 60 and the kits are fine. They have plenty of sleeping places off the ground and they snuggle in with us at night. Remember, they are wearing fur all the time
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Another thing to remember is that cats LOVE heat, even in the summertime. So just because they're going around looking for warm spots if you keep the house cold, it doesn't mean they're actually cold.
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A good idea would be to get a heated bed or two for the cats so the cats can choose to sleep in the heat even if you keep the house on the cool side
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Well I keep my house around 72 all year. I must be a bad energy person. I do buy energy star products and the new fangled light bulbs tho!

Anyways- Even at 72ish, my babies are CUDDLE cats this time of year. Last night I hardly got any sleep at all because Pixel kept swapping between my stomach/chest and my Dh's! Back and forth...back and forth...and Widget is either on my head or between our legs.

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