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Vick sentenced to 23 months

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Not nearly enough.
At least he's suspended until 2010, maybe no one will want him back by then.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post

Not nearly enough.
At least he's suspended until 2010, maybe no one will want him back by then.
I agree that it should have been more. But looking at the track record of bringing these cases to justice, I'm going to tell myself to be happy with it, and count it as a step in the right direction
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I would like to have seen a stiffer sentence, but I'm glad he didn't get off the hook with probation, community service or a suspended sentence.
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I doubt the sincerity of his apology. I think that he's only sorry that he got CAUGHT!
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Remember, now he has to face State charges.
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I wish he'd gotten a longer sentence, but at least they found him guilty,
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Fact of it is that WE would not be satisfied with even the maximum sentence because we see the true value of the animals he tortured and killed. The max would have been 5 years, and "they" (whoever "they" are) were expecting 12 months or less. So the judge DID come down harder than he had to, but not as hard as he could have which probably had a lot to do with the guilty plea, as opposed to fighting the charges and being convicted.

I'm glad he's doing serious time. I'm glad it's not just a fine that would mean nothing to him. And I'm glad he's facing state charges too.
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The article I read said that the judge didn't take into consideration the guilty plea because he said he didn't feel it showed genuine remorse - so he got the `stiff' penalty regardless. He also said he didn't think that Vick actually was taking full reponsibility.

I was pleased with the sentence. Of course I hoped that it was more, but the judge did send a message and did give him the harsher sentence, and as it's a federal system he will not be eligible for parole. So SUCKED IN is all I can say to that revolting piece of garbage.
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You mean he ACTUALLY has to serve 18 months? I didn't know that.
Hurray for the Feds. I thought he would be out in a few months. I am THRILLED. Are you sure Sarah? Don't let me down now.
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No - he actually has to serve 23 months!!! Apparently the only way he can get off early is with `good behaviour', which would only amount to three months. Because he has been sentenced under the racketeering or conspiracy laws this is a federal crime and therefore he is not eligible for parole.

So he's behind bars for two years - and two years it will be. And I am profoundly thankful for that.
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The feds are a bit tougher with parole, IN MOST cases 75% of term has to be served ... BUT the prisons are like clubs with barbed wire ... but Vick still has state charges so I dont think we will be hearing from him for quite awhile
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First, there is a great deal of misinformation in the news on this story. He is NOT convicted of dog fighting. It is a violation of Federal law to transport an animal across state lines for the purpose of fighting, whether the fight occurs or not. It is also a violation of Federal law to conspire to transport the animals across state lines for this purpose or aid in doing so (including funding.) Finally, it is a violation of Federal law to be involved in the planning of animal fights if it involves crossing state lines. These, and variations of these, are what he is convicted of doing. The difference may seem subtle, but from a legal standpoint it is very distinct. These types of crimes are MUCH easier to prove in court that actual dog fighting. While it has been hyped in the news, based on what I’ve seen so far and the legal history of this type of crime it will be almost impossible for the state to convict him of actual dog fighting crimes. He could only be convicted of actual dog fighting in Federal court if the fight occurred on US Government property (such as a military base) or on Reservation land.

As for his sentence, this is one of the most severe I’ve ever seen in one of these cases. The high profile nature of this case surely played into it, since it is almost exclusively in high profile cases where I have ever seen stiff sentences given for any type of animal cruelty. Having seen and worked with far more than my share of these poor animals that have been subjected to this life I personally think it would be to generous to drop the people who do this in a pit of boiling acid, but I don’t write the laws. Most dog fighters rarely get more than probation or a small fine even after multiple convictions. I’ve held far to many potentially wonderful dogs while they were euthanized because one of these low lifes bred, held, or trained them to be fighters which, according to state law (and civil court history) automatically declares them a “potentially dangerous animal†and makes them unadoptable.
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That's why I was so grateful that he was stupid enough to transport the animals for his venture. Had he have kept it local, I doubt it would have meant jail time for him at all. Sometimes twists in law are ridiculous - but in this case they have worked to a wonderful advantage. Not that it's a `twist', really - but certainly it gave the officers and the department of justice the opportunity to really punish him for his crimes - even if not for the most important crime out of all of them, the horrific animal cruelty.
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