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After having had to replace several feather chaser type toys that my girls love (but soon destroy), I figured out how to save a ton of money by rebuilding the broken feathers. This is an exapmle of some munched feathers that need to be replaced.

You will need your supplies: a bag of feathers, fishing line, elmer's school glue, scissors, and pony beads (all of which can be obtained at just about any store with a craft section)

Next, select a group of 3 or 4 feathers of different lengths and colors.

Strip the ends off of the feathers (about an inch will be perfect)

Put the feathers together so that their sizes and shapes will make an appealing group. Then use the fishing line (cut to about 1-1.5ft) to wrap the ends together. The knot that you use should be sturdy but keep in mind that it will be glued later, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Take a pony bead and string it on the line so that it is ready to go over the ends of the feathers.

Dab some glue on the knot all the way around the group of feather ends.

Put the bead over the knot and the feather ends, working it around to spread the glue inside the bead. Also put a couple dabs of glue on the top of the bead to seal it.

Once it is dry (several hours), attach it to your wand and string and clip the remaining ends of fishing line. Depending on the type of wand and string, some modificaton may be needed.