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Runny eyes and nose

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What would cause a cat to have runny eyes(thick black discharge) and a very runny nose? He sneezes at least a few times a day, and his eyes have to be cleaned out every day or they get infected. Its not a blocked tear duct since he's already been tested for that. Could it possibly be a respiratory infection? He's still active and eating normally.
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The runny eyes and nose suggest an URI, but with black discharge? In the case of a URI, tears or mucus run down the face and may have a reddish tinge to them. If left on the face, they dry and look almost black in color. However, if the color of the substance being expressed from the eye is black, I would say you probably need to see a veterinary opthamologist.
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URI that hasn't been treated or it didn't clear up if treated OR herpes.

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thank you. The person I got him from said that she has had him vet checked countless times and they just said that he had naturally runny eyes, but I think he has something else. I was thinking of a URI.
Whenever I wipe his eyes with a cotton ball, even if the eye goop is wet, it still looks black to me, but I guess it might just be a dark red??
The person also said that he's been treated for about 5 eye infections in the last year or so.
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ALLERGIES... or a Uri or herpes
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