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Felidae - Dry

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Just bought this for Shadow because I couldn't find the Diamond. I know that it's bad to switch her food but the roads have been a sheet of ice and it was that or nothing. It looks like a better food. Should I go buy Diamond today or just see how she takes to the Feladae. I don't like switching her if I don't have to. But sometimes if she's sick she rejects everything that irritated her anyhow. She hasn't thrown up yet and her stool is loose but no blood in it. She's still using the litter box.

Any thoughts on this? She eats the wet food with the other cats too but it's not a balanced wet. It's the Sheba little cans of just tuna and water because it seems that she has more of a problem digesting wet. These cans haven't made her sick yet so I am sticking with them. All the cats suppliment with the dry. I leave Iams sensitive stomach too for the other cats and Shadow doesn't seem to touch it because I think it irritates her and she knows it.

I like the ingredients in Felidae. Anyone know if it's ok for a sensitive tummy?


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felidea chn and rice IMHO is a great formula

the reg it depends on what the tummy is sensitive too
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