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The kitties have come to their new home! And mine too...the whole reason I could get them was because I moved out of my parents house.

I had a whole "safe room" all set up for them, figuring that they'd both go into kitty shock upon moving. My friend Danny came up with his car - I was a little worried about fitting the two carriers comfortably in my backseat, so he took Lorelei's and I got Carter's. They were both yowling the whole drive back, though Danny likes to think Lorelei was at least yowling in tune to his move songs. Carter was kind of pathetic with his little kitten mewing - I felt like the cruelest person in the world driving him home.

Well as it turns out, they couldn't wait to get out of the carriers and start exploring their new home. They wanted to smell all the toys in the room, and Lorelei beelined for the cardboard cat scratcher. As the day wore on, she got a little *too* into it, because she was definitely tweaked out on catnip by evening. As for Carter, he played with me and Danny for awhile, then once we filled the food dishes, he actually kept trying to push Lorelei out of the way. He'd only try and eat out of one she was eating out of, even they both have the same food in them. About mid-afternoon, it seemed to finally click for him that he'd moved and he went and hid in one of the litterboxes to take it all in. Lorelei was all for exploring the rest of the apartment and climbing all over Danny when he was laying on the futon. Eventually Carter snapped out of his kitten shock and was back to his usual self, head butting Lorelai out of his way for petting. She would actually nip his ear, just like a mama, when he was doing this, and I had to laugh the first time I saw her doing it!

By yesterday they were starting to settle into their routines. I keep them in the kitty room overnight right now, because I'm still unpacking stuff in the apartment and though I trust Lorelei to not get herself into trouble, Carter is untrustworthy and I can't just leave him locked up alone. Since *all* the fun kitty stuff is in there, plus all their food and both litterboxes, they don't seem to mind spending time there, but they love it when I get up and let them loose again when I can watch them. They've both been finding fun places to jump on, like my computer desk, inside my computer desk, empty bookshelves, or planting themselves in front of the patio door and watching the world go by. Lorelei seems to have actually appointed herself "guard cat" - she got really tense when she thought a dog was getting to close to the apartment (and I'm on the top floor!) and she started growling under her breath. It was so funny! But she was also very mean to me yesterday - I left my bedroom door wide open so she and Carter could come in and see me, but if Lorelei wanted attention and she was in another part of the apartment, she'd start crying. The first time I ran out in a fright thinking something was wrong...she was fine. Then she did it again...and again...I finally just picked her up and plopped her on the bed so she'd stop. I can tell she's definitely taking to Carter, because she's started licking his forehead. It's quite cute to see her babying him - she's barely a year old, so she's technically still a kitten herself!

There will be pictures soon - my sister took a ton of them yesterday, she just needs to e-mail them to me and I can put them up.