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Question of the Day - December 10th

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December 10th already!!??

Here's anothrer contribution from EnzoLeya

If you never had to work again what would you do?

Well, I'm assuming this is because I've won the lotto and have a huge house now I'd be taking in leukemia cats from all over the country, and I'd probably volunteer with a couple local rescues. I'd actually probably end up getting a part-time job cause I'd be bored though
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Travel, travel, travel not for leisure but to learn everything there is to know. So perhaps I would join a research group.
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I would travel all over the world, and then start a family.
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I would assume it was because I'd won the lottery.

I'm sure most of my time would be taken up by cleaning my HUGE house, and preaning my massive garden. I wouldn't get people in to do it, it would just bug me with the way they do things. I'd also take several holidays abroad every year.

I'd probably open up my own animal rescue.

If I wasn't rich, then I would volunteer at a couple of rescues.
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I would spend a lot of time volunteering with the cat rescue, instead of just weekends
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I would definately volunteer at our shelter, spend more time back home with my family & travel around the world to see some friends
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I would spend even more time at the shelter!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I would spend even more time at the shelter!
...that would be terrific! get time to go to help at the shelter!...
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I would travel alot, have a nice car, have a housekeeper and a cook, adopt a bunch of cats and have a giant cat house for them...

Hey, a girl can dream can't she?
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I would travel all over the world, and then start a family.
That sounds good to me. I'd add getting married in there somewhere too.
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Travel..... not to some resort but I would love to see the natural wonders... The places that make you way "Wow! God is magnificent!"

And then open a Do not kill shelter for kitties. There can never be too many!
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Well if it was b.c we won the lottery....I would buy a HUGE lot with a house for DH & I and a smaller house for Mom. Or just a mansion for both mother's to move into where we don't sleep so darn close to. Adopt some kids & have many more kitties.
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I don't work at the moment, I spend my days crafting, playing with Mellow, cooking and every Saturday I volunteer at the shelter, (just one day a week because I rely on others to drive me)

Now if I won the lottery....

once my and my hubbys family is taken care of, I would open a respite center for children who have special needs, an animal shelter, a car race track where people can go test there personal cars and also have driving experiences in fast cars, and I would like to bring Pizza Express to the US, as I miss it!

So I guess I would end up working again because I would be doing all the above
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Travel and see the United States (visit all 50 states - excluding those we've been to already). And take a trip to Australia, England/Scotland/Ireland.

After that I'd get back into showing cats more and getting more Ocicats
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Open up the flower shop of my dreams!!!!!! I would also continue to foster/rescue like i do now! My life just wouldn't be complete without my special foster kitties/dogs! I'd also love to take a few art and cooking classes and maybe travel a bit!
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I would become an Archeologist and go all over the world discovering new treasures. OR I would explore museums all over the world I'm a history Nut!
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if it was because I'd won the lottery then I would move to a large house, buy 2 horses, 3 dogs and lots more kitties for Mitz to play with
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Work a job job no! Volunteer deffinately yes! I'd like to help out at more than one place too. Like a hospital, a shelter, and some kind of adopt a Grandparent program.
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I would probably keep doing what I do...nursing/surgery, but I'd be doing it for doctors without borders, or some other medical humanitarian organization.
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I would set up a scholarship fund.

Also volunteer...I would get bored traveling after a while and staying home.
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I'm assuming I won the lotto too, or just married a really rich guy

I would have to work part time as well, maybe the vet's office. Or at least volunteer many hours at the local shelter.

I would also start up my own little horse training center. When we do get a house on the farm I want train one or two horses at a time, just for something to do and for a little money on the side.
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Most definitely buy a house big enough for several more cats. Then most likely travel a bit. I have always wanted to visit Greece and would love to spend some time researching my family in Scotland.
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