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I like almost all kinds of music...even country, I like a variety.

Ok, I'll rephrase:

What ARE your favorite TV shows or movies?
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The Lion King definetly. The OC is my fav. TV show.

Favorite exotic sports car?


Edit: Im trying a new avatar. Can you see it?
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Hi Brandon, Love the new avatar.

Hmmm that's a hard one,

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My favorite is the new Porsche 911 Carrera GT. Id love to get my hands on one of those Now I only need $440,000.

Whats your favorite planet? Im runnig out of ideas here

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Earth but Pluto also fascinates me.

Fave cartoon ever?
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The Lion King, that was easy

If you could own a very nice house, would it be 1 story, 2, or 3?

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I thinnk 2 story. I grew up in a house that is 3 story, possibly 4, since in the basement is a family room, computer room, bathroom, laundry room and some storage rooms, and in the attick there is just one big storage room, but some like the people next door have a very nice family room there and work place, but my dad had never got around finishing up the attick (he is a carpender, and buit the house) If big enough, the family room (the tv and such, and a computer room could be on the same level as the bedrooms, so 2 story would do, allthough I wouldnt mind a 3 story one....actually I think I would prefer a 3 story....

What would you like?
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As many as I can fit Id be fine with any actually.

How fast is your computer? The processor of course
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I dont remember We bought is 2 years ago (its a laptop), and then it was super duper fast, but those things change so fast

Do you have a special room for your computer, or where is it?
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My computer is Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz

I don't have a room for my computer, its in the living room.

What are the technical specifications of your computer? Mine are

Dell OptiPlex GX110

Intel Pentium III 700 mhz processor

80 GB, Hard Drive

194 MB RAM

40x12x48x CD RW

Windows XP Home Edition

56k modem
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I dont know all those details I used to know, but I forgot, I will have to ask my s/o, he is more likely to remember those things...To me it is a Hewlet Packard, laptop, with a cd drive (even though it´s not working), windows xp, and screen and a lot of buttons, that I have become very fast in fasten when a certain little gentleman scratches them off, somehow.

Is there somewhere in the computer where I can find out all those computer informations?
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My internet computer:
Pentium MMX 233, 64 SDRAM, 3.2GHD, Windows 98, and a 32XCD

My fun computer:
1.0Ghz, 512 SDRAM, 40GHD, 128Meg. GeForce MX440 (its an ok card) Window XP Home, DVD and CDRW
Its a compaq so it has issues with the DVD player

Pollyanna you cant find the specifics just anywhere on the computer, but you can find out processor and RAM by going to the control panel and selecting "system".

New question:

Are you a cell phone addict?

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Yes, I am a real addict! I wasn´t gonna be, but somehow as soon as I bought one, I was hooked!

Do you use you cellphone to call people a lot or mostly to get phonecalls from others? (If you have a cellphonen )
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Mines mostly for txting.

How's the weather where you are?
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Partly cloudy

What was the most embarrasing moment you can remember?
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Yesterday, my stupid(well..) friends sent a secret admirers(?) rose to me for Valentines day, I was so angry with them it was so but I can laugh about it now,lol.

What are you doing for valentines day?
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I am not doing anything, maybe clean the house, but sunday I am going to a cat show.

What is your favorite kind of flower?
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Cool! a cat show, where abouts? Do you have any cats entered?

Fave cold drink?
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Lemonade with sugar and lots of ice

What is your favorite book? Mine is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
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Series by Lemony Snicket.

Have you brough any christmas presents for 2004 yet??
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Yes, I have

Before Christmas we had bought a puzzle for one of my s/o´s sisters (she loves puzzles, and this is a 3000 piece one), but then we foiund something else we wanted to give her, so we are keeping the puzzle for next Christmas.

On the after Christmas sale, I also bought a couple of Christmas presents for next Christmas, I better not find a lot of thing I would rather want to give

Have you bought any yet?
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Yes, I found a beautiful antique tea cup for my mother in law last week...and not sure if this counts but I bought one too many sweaters last year for the nephews so I have one extra boy's sweater for next year. Luckily it will fit one of the smaller boys.

What is the most exciting thing you did today?
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Went for a lovely walk on the beach.

What's your fave s/w filling?
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Well, it´s only noon here now, but I am hoping to be able to get a hold on "unpicked up tickets" on a very nice childrens play at the theater. I saw this play when I was a kid 2 or 3 times (at dirrerent years, it´s a classic play, so they have it on every few years). We have been playing the cd since last fall for my son, and he really loves all the songs.

The most exciting thing I did yesterday was to go swimming. My son absalutely loves swimming, and even though we dont go very often, it´s alway such fun.

What is/was the most exciting thing you did/are gonna do this weekend?
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Wow, Sesselja. Didn't know anyone else was on the site. Well considering it's monday now, I can say the most exciting thing I'm doing this weekend is going to my first cat show of the year(finally!)

What's the weather like where you are at present?(it's midnight here so very dark...)
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Went for a lovely walk on the beach.

What's your fave s/w filling?
What do you mean by s/w?

My same question again: What is/was the most exciting thing you did/are gonna do this weekend?
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s/w is sandwich.
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Hi Sam!
We seem to be postin at the same times
It´s noon here (12:21) and sunny and bright, allthough, strangely enough we had snow this morning, so the earth is a little white, which makes it just even more bright (yesterday it was spring weather, I dont understand the snowing right nown )

Nice that you went to the cat show, it must have been fun!

Sam, since it´s midnight in NZ, is it at the night of sunday or monday, just wondering if you are 12 hours ahead of me or 36, I thought it was 12.
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Hm... sandwich...today I would say either chickean, some lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cheese, a bit of black pepper and mustard sause.

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peanutbutter and grape jam is my all time favorite.

what is the last thing you purchased on line?
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