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Got a few, "Honda" in Japanese on my left wrist, Damaris (my daughters name) on my right wrist, Grim Reaper on my right upper arm, in-twined 666 on my right forearm, tribal flames with inverted pentagram on my left upper arm. And on yeah i also got an ant on my shoulder (first one to see if it hurt!)

What car ya got?
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94 Ford Ranger XLT

Favorite Adult Beverage?
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Lager. (which is like Miller or Bud in American terms)

Who is the coolest? Tom or Sylvester?
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I think Tom is Cooler. He's always Singing those songs to those lady cats!!

What time is it where you are?
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12:40pm (just past midday)

Do Pontiac make the best cars in the world or what?
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LOL well since Pontiac and Ford are from the Same Company I gotta say Yeah Since I am a HUGH Ford fan.

Do you prefer Maunal or Automatic Transmission?
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(Pontiac and Ford are not the same company. It is Pontiac/Chevrolet and GM who are the same. I think you meant to say GM rather than Ford.

On UK cars I prefer manual Transmission. But on US cars as the gear stick is on the otherside I prefer Automatics. My 1994 Trans-Am is automatic.

Chicken or Beef?
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opps my bad!!! I still think Fords Are the best

Beef I'll take a nice juice Steak over anything chicken any day!

Dream Vacation?
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Umm...On old deserted wild west ghost-town in USA (left untouched!) That would be heaven, as i have a fascination with historic places.

Dream Vacation for you?
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Driving Across Country in search of good 4wheeling roads!

PC or MacItosh?

Time for me to leave work! Welcome to TCS! See you later!!
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PC for me.

New Years Resolution?
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Lose weight, get in to shape and stop putting off doing things I want to do.

What is yours?
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win the frecking lottery!
do you have snow?
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Yes, we have now, finally, haven´t had that much for years!

Do you often (if ever ) have snow?
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Yes we have snow in winter here in the UK. The transAm is a B1TCH in the snow (rear wheel drive automatic) it's like frikkin Disney on Ice LOL

Why are "candy" bars called such silly things in the USA? (Mr.Goodbar?!)
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I'm not really sure how the candy makers come up with the names, but there are some goofy ones. (Snickers)

How many hours of sleep a day do you usually get? How many do you think you need? I usually sleep 5-6, even though I need about 7-8.
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I need at least 8 to be in fine fettle.

When was the last time you emptied the vaccuum cleaner?! (Can't think of anything else to ask!)
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LOL good question tho!! it was about 2 weeks ago. Bag was full

Favorite Color?
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Dark green

Have you kept your New Year's resolutions? (I know it is only the 2nd, but I break them quickly which is why I no longer make them!)
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My New Year's resolution is always not to make one!

How many articles of clothing do you own that have cats on them? (cat hair doesn't count.....)
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My Pajamas, I always leave them on my bed and one of the kitties is always sleeping on them. As of a few minutes ago there are three cats on my bed.

Do you celebrate "little Christmas" on January 6?
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Januray 6th is our last day of Christmas, and also the hidden people festval (we have beautyful and kind hidden people that live in rocks and can only be seen by humans when they choose so themselfes), and we have big bonfires that we dance around and fireworks (not as much as on New Years Eve though) So it´s a kind of a festive day, nice food and such.

What are "little Christmas" like?
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I don't know what "little Christmas" is ... so can't answer that question.

What would you miss most if it were lost?
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I would miss those things most important to me. . . . my children. . . my family members. . . . and of course my kitties.

Were you ever afraid of something ridiculous when you were a child?
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Originally posted by George'smom
Were you ever afraid of something ridiculous when you were a child?
Yes! Dead People. I was raised next door to two old cemeteries

What type of hairstyle do you have?

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Long, brunette (dyed) and curly.... or should that be frizzy.... it's a bad hair day!

Where would you most like to go on holiday?
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do you play the lottery hopeing to get rich?
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Yes, we do...hehe

What day and time is it right now for you?
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Right now it´s 5.18 on a Sunday morning, and I am going to bed, finally

When do you go to bed at night?
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Well...for the last six months I have been working evening shift, so I would go to sleep between three and five am. Monday I start day shift and will have to get up at 4:30 in the morning so I guess I will be going to bed with the chickens from now on.

Do you have a favorite Beatle's song? mine is "I am the walrus"
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