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Towards the middle of January. (Our Christmas doesn´t end untill January 6th, and the decorations get to stay a bit longer)

What is a stickie?
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Little plastic pictures that stick on the window without glue or tape (a little water and they'll hold all season). I've got pictures of ornaments on both front windows.

Do you have any pictures on your computer desk?
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I only have a laptop

Do you have photos on you computer desk?
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At work I do: Hubby and Son, Me and Hubby and Son, Toes, Tailer, my friend and her sons, Me and Hubby, Toes and Tailer, and Toes and Tailer and Me. Hubby is also on my desktop right now. At home I have a laptop.

What book are you reading right now?
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I just restarted Harry Potter no. 3. I had started ages ago, but never got further than about page 40, so I decited to restart.

What book are you reading? And an extra question: Did you get a book for Christmas?
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Nothing right now, I'm actually going through back magazines to see what needs to be thrown out. Yes, I technically got a book for Xmas (but I was able to read it earlier in December). It's called Sink Reflections and it's about keeping a clean house.

Do you like candles and if so what is your favorite scented candle?
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I loooooove candles. I used to have a lot of candles all the time (except for in the summer, since its bright all the time then and you wouldn´t see if the candles were lit or not ), but now I dont lit them as much as I used to. After Feykirófa put her tail on fire, I reduced it a bit, and then after my now really likes "the light", I tend to tend to put off lighting the candles untill after he is in bed. I cought him just about to take a living candle of the candlestick the other day, he was just seconds before me in the the living room, so if I had been 5 seconds more behind him...

Have your cats ever cought fire?
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Not my kitties, but the back of my coat caught on fire at a Led Zeppelin concert in the seventies. Someone must have dropped an ember onto it, luckily I was wearing a sweatshirt underneath and wasn't burned.

How many internet forums do you frequent?
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Right now: 2--the cat site and a step mom site that's private.

Are you a night owl or an early bird?
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do you drink coffee?
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Yes, only one or two cups a day. My favorite is Peets.

Do you "re-gift" or exchange Christmas gifts that are not right for you?
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No, usually not, allthough this year I will exchange some china in my festive china, since I got some appertizer plates, and allready have 12 of those and I also got a gravy boat and a bowl in the "wrong" china by mistake, so that will also be exchanged into the "right" china.
So, if I exchange, it is if I get 2 of a kind or something like that.

Do you make homemade Christmas cards?
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No, only because I lack an artist's imagination.

How do you think the world will end? (Mmmm...Maybe this is a good thread starter in the cat lounge)
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Hmmmm....I like to believe that it won´t end

Do you iron your clothes often? Or anything else, like teatowels, sheets, etc...?
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Not at all

A long one. A cashier at the local Walmart accidently gives you the wrong change for your purchase. She gives you 5.00 instead of 10.00. You only notice when you are in your car. Do you take the loss and leave, or go back and correct it?

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Depends upon my mood and how busy the store was and how poorly/well I was treated. Same goes for if they give me 10 and should have given me 5.

Do you believe in same sex marriage/civil union? (not a debate, just a yes or no will do)
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Yes I do. I am not gay, but I think that everyone deserves to be happy and live their lives as they see fit.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you quit your job?
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I don´t have a real everyday job, so I would panic less over that. But if I had a job, I would try to reduce it to a parttime to have more time to "life"

Do you play the lottery?
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Yes, I play the lottery. I put in $2 for a pool at work and will buy a few for myself if the jackpot gets ridiculously high. My theory is, I would waste that $2 on something silly anyway, so it might as well be something that could win me money.

If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you would do with the money?
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Pay my depts, and take a short trip to somewhere not to far away, Scotland or Paris or something......Then I would start planning what to do with the rest of the money.

What´t the most you have won in the lottery?
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5 dollars. lol not a lucky person don't don't play to often!!!

Do you ever gamble?
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Rarely, I hate to spend money on risky enterprises (that's why I am a Capricorn)

Are you a heavy or light sleeper?
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Depends on how tired I am or how stressed I am.

Do you snore? hehe
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Oh no, I don't, but my husband does and sometimes he actually wakes himself up with the noise.

What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
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don't laugh but it was actually titanic. Boy I need to get out more!!

What's the last music concert you went to?
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Sarah Brightman - about 4 years ago - took my mom and MIL for Mother's day.

Do you have a good immune system?
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Seeing as I work in an elementary school and rarely get sick, I'll have to say yes.

Any plans for New Year's Eve?
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Did you "ring" in the new year??
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I rang nobody in the New Year and was not sick eiter (if that's what you mean!)

One lump or two?
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LOL not really what I ment but it works

NO lumps.

Any Tatoos?
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