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Oh my, this is a hard question!
I just LOVE Christmas, so....
Here are a couple of favorites:

As an apertizer on Christmas Eve (when we celebrate Christmas) is always rice pudding. In the pudding is a hidden almond (so it´s is called "almont pudding"), and whoever gets the almond gets a present. Everyone has to finish their pudding though, and the one that has the almond can not tell or let it be obvous before everyone has finished. It can be hard to eat and speak with and almond in the mouth that noone can know about!

After we eat and before we open the presents (also on Christmas Eve), we dance around the Christmas tree and sing a few Christmas songs.

The present opening time! We sit and open the presents, the yongest in the family, that can read, hands out the presents, (my sister has that status, and she is 17 years old, I guess she will have to wait for my son to learn how to read labels, before she gets off!) takes care that everyone has one, and then everyone shows the others what was inside before going on to the next. This way the present opening time sometimes takes forever!

What is your fav. family tradition?
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Pollyanna your Christmas traditions sound lovely! I love Christmas also, one of my favorite things is to bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to my friends and neighbors. I usually start baking a week before Christmas, and always bake the cookies that my Aunt Florence used to bake. I have another tradition which is done with my co-workers, I organize a Santa and Elves visit to the childrens wards at UCSF Medical Center. I wasn't able to do it last year, but have been doing it for the past seven years, and will be doing it this year.

Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet?
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Hey Lakeeriedog, nice to see you again! I have been thinking about you, there is such a long time since you have been on. How are you???

Oooohh, the tree thing is another of my fav. Christmas traditions!

We don´t (and people in Iceland in general) don´t decorate our tree untill the day before Christmas (the 23rd that is), and don´t turn on the lights on the trees untill on the 24th. Everyone together with Christmas songs in the background, decorating the tree, and when that is finished, everything is ready for Christmas...
We often put the tree up on the 22nd, it has to "relax" after having been crushed together in the tree wrapper up on the balcony.

And actually Icelandic Christmas is 13 days! So the last day of Christmas is January 6th, and that day is a special elf and hidden people day when we have special elf and hidden people songs and have big fires outside and dance around them. (We also have big fires on New Years Eve). So we don´t take the Christmas tree or decoration down untill after the 6th of Jan. - Oh, and even though we decorate the tree this late, all the other decoration are put up at the beginning of Dec.

When do you take your Christmas decorations down?
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Hi Pollyanna, yes it has been a while since I have visited this site, I am fine, hope you are as well. I recently added a laptop computer to our home as my son needs the computer all of the time for his college school work. So now I can use the computer whenever I like.

As for taking the decorations down, we usually take them down on New Years day, or the next day if I have to work. It's not really set in stone, but I like to be the one who re-packs the decorations in order to limit breakage and misplaced items.
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Favorite Christmas Cookie or desert? (mine is nut rolls)
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favourite christmas cookie or desert... hmm, my sister would have no problems answering this, she has this incredible sweet tooth, but i, on the otherhand, don't really --- does rum & coke count? uhm, just kidding - lets see -- rice crispie squares, crepes?


are you a christmas person?

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YES! I am a HUGE Christmas person!
I could prepare for Christmas for months, and it would always be as much fun!

Which holiday do you like the most?
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favorite holiday (not because of the "evil" connotations, but because my birthday falls in the same month and I love the fall!)

What is your favorite season? or month? (If it was asked already I apologize as I didn't read all the threads!)
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Winter is my favorite season.

Do you like Anne Geddes' work?
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I love her work, her photos are so adorable!

Originally posted by catlover67
What is your favorite season? or month? (If it was asked already I apologize as I didn't read all the threads!)
When I first posted in this thread, I thought that each question could only be asked ones, but it´s such a long thread so I gave up reading. I later found out that people ask the questions they want to wether they have been asked many times before or not!

Do you like Anne of Green Gables?
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I was browsing through the treads and thought I´d open this one for a reply, but I have the last question from a couple of days ago, so I wont answer it, but just ask the same question!
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Well, on second thought, I´ll answer
I just love Anne of Green Gables. I have it on video, but want to upgrate to dvd. I once asked my s/o if he would care to watch it with me and he was not very interrested to watch some girly thing
But he agreed to watch half an hour with me to see if he likes it...and he did We watched the whole first of the four, and the next day when he came home from work (I remember he was working untill midnight that week) he suggested we would watch the next one, and we did, and the next day we wacthed the two last ones after he came home, so it was allmost morning when we went to bed! So my s/o admitted he REALLY liked Anne of Green Gables, even if it is a girly thing

I´ll leave the same question for the next one!
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No... LOL.

Fave flavor of milkshake?
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Do you have any all time fav. movie?
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Not at the moment.

Do you like hot chips??
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Yes I like hot chips

What trait in your cat or cats do you like the most?
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Um..... The way they headbutt?? Not sure if that's one

Last thing you ate?
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Pizza Hut pizza with everything on it

Favorite TV Show?
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Hmmm...I think I´d say Friends, allthough I haven´t seen a new show for 2 years...(I dont have a subsciption to that tv stations that has Friends)

Did you watch America Idol? (I am watching the Icelandic Idol now, we are up to the 9 people the first year.)
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Not watching American Idol, but don't have much time in the evenings for TV.

Are any of your recipes in the Cooking with Cattitude Book?
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No, sadly, mine got there to late...but I sent quite some...
But I also sent pics of my girls, maybe they got in.

Have you downloded the cookbook?
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nope not yet

what do you want for christmas?
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A new kitchen.

What is your favorite Winter flower?
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Poinsettia is my favorite winter flower.

What is your favorite get away and space out activity?
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That's easy, I go to a beach resort and go scuba diving.

What kind of music do you like to listen on long car drives?
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I listen to cs´s I can sing along with.

Do you have a fav. cd at the moment?
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Hmmm...probably Evanescence's CD.

Do you believe in ghosts?
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Hmmm...I believe in decieced people beeing around....do you?
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not sure

what do you want for christmas?
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Better health for Pollýanna.

What do you want for Christmas?
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