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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 160  

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Very much so!!

Does the little kid in you still belive in Santa?
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You bet

do you celebrate christmas?
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are you religious?
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How is the weather there tonight/today?
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Cool and raining, the usual for this area of the Pacific NW.

Have you finished your holiday or Christmas gift shopping yet?
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haven't started yet

do you have yours done?
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Are you going to start?
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I'm over half done since I shop all year, picking up an item here and an item there.

What recipe do you associate with New Years Day?
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i don't think of a recipe, i think of leftover Christmas Ham sandwhiches; it's the only time of year i'll really eat pork.

anyone have something special they make New Year's day?
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Hmmmm, nope, not that I can think of. It kind of varies every year, depending on who is hosting the get-together that year.

What is your favorite holiday food?
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Christmas cookies.

What's your favorite holiday beverage?
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Egg nog

Ever have a tooth ache??
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Yes, last week and it sucked. (Halloween Candy)

How often do you see the dentist?
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not to often but hopfully tomorrow.(swollen lower jaw,can't open my mouth wider then a coffe straw, and running a fever over 102.0f. and stuck at work till 7am. I not a happy camper)

have you ever not been able to eat or drink?
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Yes, after numerous abdominal surgeries.

Go see that da*n dentist so you can fell better okay,

What is your favorite music to listen to when you are ill?
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complete silence!!!!!!! When I am sick I don't even want to hear my fish tank filter.

Do you think you have a high tolerance to pain?
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No, I am a total wimp.

Do you think you do?
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yes, my doctor and dentist are amazed when I am quiet when I should be screaming. I don't cry out but I shed tears instead.

do you believe in brand names for clothes?
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Clothes are clothes in my eyes as long as it's something I can wear to work or something I can wear outside of work I am happy.

Do you prefer casual dress style or dress up style?
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Casual, comfortable

Do you wear Perfume?
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Rarely and very little. My parents bathe in that stuff that I get sick now smelling it on other people.

Have you ever had plastic surgery?
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No, I have had enough surgery without asking for it lol. Though I probably should have.(Not for aging reasons, but due to the surgeons hacking my body. If it is an organ then my body must have it cut out ahhh pi**es me off!)

Have you had plastic surgery?
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nope still young....but never will even then. I'm to cute, why mess with prefection LOL Swollen face and all

would you ever get beast implants?
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Nope, but you hit it right by typing BEAST implants

What is your favorite time of day/night?
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Night......tonight hehe

Do you believe in reincarnation?
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nope. It would be nice though if it did exsist.

Favorite kinda gum?
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Trident sugar free.

Favorite board game?
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do you like to color with crayons still?
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yep in fact once i bought my own coloring book and crayons

who's your favorite author?
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John Saul (with Anne Rice and Dean Koontz following closely)

Whats your favorite family Christmas tradition?
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