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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 159  

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Turkey and dressing for thanksgiving!

What time is it?
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It´s 2:02 AM here

Got any plans for tomorrow?
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Just go to work, and start reading for my test in Psychology that I have on Friday!! And, hopefully my hubby will be home early tomorrow night so we can spend time together!!

What is your favorite dog?
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toy poodle

how many pets do you have?
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Mittens and Watson (my german shepherd).

What is your favorite smiley on here? Don't write it. Just post the smiley!!
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I think this one is cute, for some reason, lol:

Favorite web site (other than TCS!!)?
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what's your favorite website?
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my website: www.candiceandzack.com

Are you going to get another cat?
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i want to, but DH says that two are too many as it is...and can't have more cats then eyes! LMFAO

what about you?
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I don't really know that answer...maybe one day, but I don't think I can really handle more than one at a time!! Mittens is pretty needy!!

What is the weather like for you today?
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I haven't looked out a window yet!

What time is where you live?
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It is now 8:16pm. Wednesday evening.

Who resides in your household? Name each and every living creature!
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Me, hubby, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 8 fish, one aquatic frog.

Which do you prefer - male cats, female cats, or either?
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I only have female cats now, but when I was a kid I 2x had a cat, both male. I don't think I prefer any over the other, allthough I do REALLY NOT like some of the male cats in my neigbourhood (mostly 2 of them) since they tend to take periods of "singing" outside my window. I think both of them are neutered though.

Do you have any good advise to stop male singing outside your window?
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Yes but they are to humain so I won't say them j/k! just the only thing that I could answer that question with.

are you tall, short, or average?
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short im only 5'2

are you on a diet right now?
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nope I don't handle diets well unless it consists of as much steak and potatos and choclate I can handle LOL

Are your nails polished?
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not at the moment, but like to put a sheer shimmery coat on once in awhile for interest and pizazz!

how long do you like to keep your hair?
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As long as it will grow presently it's won't go any further then the middle of my back

Home cooking or resturant?
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home cooking--mine.

favorite restaurant?
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P.F. Changs!

If you have dogs, do they get along with your cats?
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I have a 'pit bull' and she thinks she is a cat.

What brand of bottled water do u buy?
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We buy Walmart's generic bottle water (gallon size for 58 cents!) but if I work out, I always get Aquafina (liter).

What type of milk (skim, vitamin D) do you drink, if you like it?
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we drink 2%

what's your favorite soda?
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Diet Pepsi (but I quit drinking soda)

Do you like colored lights or clear on your Christmas tree?
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Colored I lke lots of colored!!

Favorite chirstmas present you got as a child?
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a beanie doll when i was 10 and i still have it

do you put up a real tree or fake one?
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Fake one (not a lot of pine trees here)

when do you start decorating for Christmas?
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Dec 23 before that is way to soon in my eyes!!!

Do you put a wreath on your door?
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Not all the time, this year will probably hang angel figurines.

Do you believe in angels?
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