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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 158  

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don't were perfume often due to allergies, but when I do it is Red.

Do you like your job?
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What's your favorite holiday?
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I love Thanksgiving but Christmas has to be my Favorite
Holiday. I love the look on my Sons face when it's present
time, I think that look beats out every other day.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?(Ballerina, Doctor, singer, etc....)
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Plastic Surgeon. I'm not kidding. I had read an article about a plastic surgeon who traveled to countries that had poor health care opportunites and performed surgery for free for people who had bad facial deformities, and I wanted to do that.

What's your favorite cartoon character and why?
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(that was a great reason to want to be a plastic surgeon, shows
you were a very caring person from a young age. )

Timmy from Fairly oddparents. I like him
the best because of all the problems he has
with his babysitter lol I got hooked on
that show cause my Son loves it.

What is your favorite book and why?
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Well, we have laughed at this for years....
Ones when I was a tiny girl, and asked what I was gonna be when I grew up, I said that I was gonna be a big mommy, with big breasts with little breasts on top of them (usually called nipples )

And quess what!?! I am!

What were your plans when you were a kid?
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I cant believe that it took me so long to answer this question!
Well, I was watching the Bachelor at the same time, that might explane it!

Well, I guess my question is about my fav. book,
Since I was a kid my fav. book has been Pollýanna, because....well if you have read the book you know why!

I also have a fav. book, one that my mom had as a kid, and it is all so very much read. It´s called Lotta, about an orphan girl whose mom died of childbirth and she finds her dad, who is very nice and of important family, but soon after birth she had been switched with a maid kid thad died, so she never knew her real origin....just a sweet story!

In the last years I like Harry Potter (I have only read 2 of them)

I also like a book called "The smell" About a boy who didn´t have any smell himself, but killed virgins to get some special smell from theim...It´s just such a creepy book, it holds you and you have to know what happens next.

Have you read this "Smell" book? (What is its name is english?)
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I don't think so.

How would you love for your hair to be?
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long and straight

how many boards do you belong to?
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about 9 or 10 plus I have my own board now.

What would yod do if You won a million bucks?
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Pay off all my debts, give some to my mom, give some to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, buy a house, and invest the rest!

What are you having for dinner tonight?
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Pizza Hut meat lovers pizza

What is the funniest thing your cat does?
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When they (I have 3 & they all have done this) poke their heads into paper bags and can't get the bag off. They will then walk blindly around the house until the bags are torn open or fall off.

What things decorate your desk?
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junk lol

what color hair do you have?
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medium brown with bright red highlights....

how many cats own you?
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how many cats do YOU have?
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two...but yearning for a third

what color do you view the forum in?
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"Russian Blues" at the moment.

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pinky paws

what is your favorite animal other than cats?
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Fave animal -Dogs
Second - Cats.

Fave TV programme?
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The O.C. (and then, Friends)

What are you doing today?
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being lazy lol

what did you major in college?
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What's your favorite food for breakfast?
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Hungarian sausages paired with egg (sunny side up). Yummy!

Which do you prefer, red or white wine?
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White wine

What is your pet peeve?
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distracted drivers

Favorite chocolate - Dark or Milk?
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milk chocolate

do you play video games?
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sometimes. depending on my mood.

What is your favorite season and why?
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Fall, I love the cool weather, approaching holidays and my favorite holiday, Halloween!! Plus, the air is crisp and I love the fall colors.

What are you wearing right now?
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Jeans and a casual blouse. Standard work clothes for me.

What is your favorite "Fall" food?
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