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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 157  

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Mine is really short at the moment. But I'd love long hair again.

What's for lunch?
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Mountain Dew lol

Do you take vitamins?
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Yes.. I take vitamins.

Originally posted by

What's for lunch?
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Oh you edited yours

Fave drink?
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Just had spinach salad with chicken and cheese on top!

What colour top are you wearing?
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OMG Ady! That sounds so yummy!

I'm wearing a blue top.

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nope, not a smoker.

As for the embroidery floss, I do try to keep her away from it. Now that I know she likes to eat it, I'm more careful with the little pieces I throw away.

Red wine or white wine?
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I don't drink so neither

Fav vacation spot?
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a cruise to nowhere, on deck, at dusk, just me, my better half, and the sky meeting the sea. That's when this child is at home.

mustard or catsup on hotdogs?
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catsup or as we say is Canada Ketchup

hotdog or hamburger?
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decaf or leaded coffee?
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Don't drink coffee, but I like Earl Grey tea!

Thong or brief?
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Neither. Bikini.

What is the decor/theme in your livingroom?
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Flat screen TV with any furniture we can get for free.

Favorite alcoholic beverage?
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Chivas on the rocks

favorite university mascot
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Herbie Husker From Nebraska

Favorite Sport?
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Nascar Racing (if that counts, cause I don't like any other sports lol)

What's your favorite T.V. Show?
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Forensic Science

What's your favorite food?
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I have lots but I'll have to go with


Who's your favorite singer?
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Shania Twain

who's your favorite group?
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Music Group?


What would be your dream vacation?
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how tall are you?
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How do you like to spend your spare time?
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what's your favorite quote?
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Not really a quote but
" Doh" from the simpson's

Favorite Cartoon?
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Favorite color?
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Favorite sitcom
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Favorite saying?
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Eat my shorts {Bart Simpson}

Favorite ice-cram flavor?
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Mint Choco Chip YUMMY!

Favorite perfume?
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