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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 153  

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what about yours?
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Favorite season?
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ummm i love both fall and spring...i like the "middle seasons"...spring has such freshness and newness to it, but fall is so crisp and beautiful.

do you work today?
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called in sick
Do you have nice neighbors?
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dont' know them, but i can tell you they have odd habits...

do you like your job?
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I like my job. I don't like the how its contact positions.

What is your favorite cat sound?
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Fave meal?
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Shrimp cooked anyway!

do you like to dance?
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I love dancing.

Fave flower?
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It's a Wild flower here in Colorado Called the Indian PaintBrush

Perfume or no perfume?
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Lots of perfume. I'm the only 13year old I know that wears it, I love it, Especially Opium.

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Not to fond of it......Makes my nose all stuffy!

Favorite book?
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It's called "Poppy".

Fave drink?
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Fave computer game?
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Dark age of camelot (but i don't play it anymore)

sleep in total darkness or do you need some sort of light?
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I work nite's I can sleep anyway LOL

Drama or romance movies?
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Does your kitten wear a coller?
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Yes, with they are wearing a reflecting collar, so they are more likely seen in the dark.

Do you use msn (or aol etc... )a lot?
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I have my msn messanger running all the time. I like to chat with friends over my computer.

Diet pop or regular?
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No Pop! Is it raining, snowing or sunny where you are today? (snowing here)
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Non of those things!
It´s getting dark and very very very cold!

Whats your plan for the evening?
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i work.

anyone else here work every weekend?
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Nope. I have every Saturday and Sunday off (unless they offer us overtime which is rare)

Looking forward to the new Matrix.
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haven't had a chance to see the second one yet....so i don't know at this point.

do you ever wish you could turn back time and change one thing, knowing what you do now?
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Yes! I wish I had talked my hubby to take the call from my grandfather while hubby was in the tub. Opa called to wish John a happy birthday, didn't get to and he died the next day. My hubby and I regret that very much.

Do you believe in soul mates?
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have mine, so yes i do

anyone else?
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I do as well!

If you had to be one what would you choose...vampire or werewolf?
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Who's your favorite actor/actress?
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I love James Wood!

Do you like black and white movies?
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only a couple lol

(sorry still tired so stuck in favorite Q's lol)

What's your favorite book?
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